Sunday, December 26, 2010

fun times

well we've had a great weekend. so busy and full of fun fun fun!! (picture overload ahead...)

first of all, our official 2o10 family photo
(taken by my very talented sister) this was at mom's house. so sweet of sadie and mckinlee reading a story

playing in the kitchen
after eating hamburgers that night, we came back over to our house to have s'mores at our outdoor fireplace. they were soooo yummy!

this picture makes me laugh because we have a vast array of different clothing on! it was super cold!

mck's marshmallow was super toasty ;)

quick family pic before our soup and game night...this is the only picture i got this night, but we had so much fun. we had chicken tortilla soup, minestrone soup, a cheese and cracker tray, and brownies and we played fun games.

today, while daddy washed my car, sadie and i went outside to play. i was cracking up because she stood like this the whole time she had the coat she couldn't move her arms because of the thick furry lining. plus the hood was too big and kept falling over her eyes and making her lose her balance. i couldn't quit laughing! but of course i helped her up!

my snow bunny

so we changed into a more manageable coat and hat and she was happy


and i loved this one-off center and so pretty of her!

doesn't she look like her daddy in this one?!

my big girl looking at her shadow

hi! (that's her word of choice this week....she says it all day long)

and quite possibly my favorite picture of the week
a cranberry sauce "soul patch"! haha!!

happy sunday!


  1. i'm so glad you liked the pictures--i need to work on different poses.
    i was laughing all through your post. these pictures are just hilarious! the one of us by the fire is so funny & i could NOT stop laughing at sadie with her soul patch!!!!!

  2. I love your family picture! So adorable! And it looks like you have been having so much fun! Your outdoor patio is BEAUTIFUL! I'm giggling about how cold you say it is. Oh girl, if I could only go outside without my snow boots, hat, scarf, gloves and huge puffy coat. It's REALLY cold here! Oh well, we will all be running around in shorts when it hits 50 degrees! Ha! Hope you had a Merry Christmas!

  3. Fav of Sadie is the one of she & her shadow. Susanne did well on family pic--good subjects too! Isn't the one of McKin & Susanne and the blackened marshmellow good?! What good memories we have! And the outdoor group picture...hilarious! My leather coat of 19?? Wow!

  4. Your baby girl is so precious! I loved your Christmas card outfit too! Oh, and I can't figure out how to reply to a comment and I totally meant to write you back about your hair!!! I use Pureology Root Boost and Pureology Pure Volume Gel. Perfect combo! Doesn't way hair down and the gel is more water based so it won't make hair crunchy. Hope that helps!