Sunday, February 28, 2010

six weeks

dear sadie,
you have been alive out of mommy's tummy for six whole weeks now! you are becoming so observant and love to stare at the ceiling fan and lights (when you're not staring at yourself!) you have started to "talk" and smile when you wake up from your afternoon nap. after much planning on my part for a bedtime routine, you have thrown that out the window and decided that you will go to sleep between 6:30 and 7pm and sleep until 7-8 am! praise God! if daddy or i can't get you to go to sleep, all we have to do is sit in the living room leather chair and turn the tv on and you are asleep in no time.

you love snuggles. you don't like having a wet diaper. you make an "O" with your mouth when you are going poopy. you weigh over 10 pounds now and love to eat. before you go to bed at night, you alternate between wanting your binky and spitting it out. you do this about 15 times before you go to sleep. you like getting a massage with your lavendar calming lotion (you are definitely my daughter!) you love bathtime and being clean! and you love for mommy to wrap you up in your bath towel and snuggle for a few minutes before getting dressed.

you rarely cry. you are a loud and active sleeper! daddy and i are so blessed to have you as our baby girl and we cannot imagine life without you now. you have the sweetest disposition i have ever seen and are so mellow. we love you!

here are sadie and i before the meeting today
tonight we had the youngs and mom and les over for fajitas and margaritas and chocolate dipped strawberries. sadie was already in bed when we took the picture. we had so much fun!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

menu for the week and more product love

this is my inspiration picture to get myself back in shape. i did not realize how big my stomach would still be 6 weeks after having sadie. i still look pregnant and it's bothering me. so i've decided to do a new mommy workout at home until i find time to go to the gym. (interestingly, i was 4 weeks pregnant in this pic and didn't know it ;)

enough of that, now let's talk about food {wink} i realized i hadn't posted a weekly menu in a LONG time, but that doesn't mean that i'm not cooking! so i have to admit, my cooking style has changed quite a bit after having a baby. there's just not time to spend on finding new gourmet recipes, getting cool ingredients, and spending 2 hours on a dinner. i feel this pressure to cook well (maybe i just put it on myself) but i decided to start cooking 3-4 meals a week that way i know i don't have to cook every night, but i can spend a little extra time cooking on the nights i do cook. then 1 night a week, mike will cook...he's actually a great cook, he just doesn't do it very often.

okay, long explanation for a short menu, but here it is:

chicken, artichoke and tomato penne
green chili chicken & corn enchiladas
hamburger helper, roasted broccoli (easy night)
fajitas, beans, and guac
pancakes w/strawberries, herb scrambled eggs, bacon

i got some of the recipes on this fantastic food blog and she's a new mom too!


i recently did a post on beauty products that i love, but here are a few more...

  • origins sunny disposition liquid bronzer

  • maybelline expert eye shadow in mocha motion

  • maybelline define a line eyeliner in soft black

  • maybelline great lash mascara in very black-i have tried tons of mascara, expensive and cheap, and this is by far my FAVORITE

  • and a new product i found today, almay pure blends lip gloss in petal

happy thursday everyone! i'm off to do sit ups!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

snow day!

today has been a gorgeous snow day! we got 3-4 inches of snow which NEVER happens in central Texas! i just had to show a pic of miss sadie looking at herself in the mirror. she loves to look at herself...uh oh, do we already have a little diva on our hands?! she will lay still for the longest time and just look at herself and talk. too cute!
**somehow i linked this picture to a video we took of her last night, so if you click on the pic, you can see sadie talking** the snow started falling early this morning around 7 and is still falling

here are sadie and i outside in the snow. she lasted about 3.2 seconds before she started crying. she did NOT like the cold snow hitting her face!

Monday, February 22, 2010

a visit from nama and grandpa

today mike's parents came to see sadie for the first time since she was born! they live out of town and had been traveling this last month, so they finally got to come today. and they brought mike's aunt and uncle from cali too. we had such a good time talking and holding sadie...she slept through the whole afternoon though! here she is with nama

and here's a family shot

they just took their other two grandkids to disneyland and they brought miss sadie back a princess mickey ears hat with her name monogrammed on the back. here she is modeling it!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

saturday night-in

this afternoon, i got to get a manicure and tan and it was wonderful! don't judge me if you don't agree with tanning beds...a friend once said tan fat is better than white fat and i wholeheartedly agree ;)
this week i'm going to start exercising again. today i was buying nail polish at a salon and the salesgirl asked me if i was going to have a baby. so if that didn't give me motivation to exercise, i don't know what will!
tonight mike and sadie and i had a little date night in. we picked up pei wei and cupcakes and are watching the Top 10 Mexican Resorts on the travel channel.

mike tried to get a pic of all 3 of us! by the fourth try we were laughing so hard!!

happy saturday!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

"firsts" for sadie

i can't believe how grown up mckinlee is! i remember when she was so tiny and would sleep on my chest and now she's a pre-teen and so responsible!
so one of sadie's "firsts" was on monday when we took a family trip to target (one of my happy places ;) we got a portable cd player for her nursery so i can have lullabies playing when she goes to sleep. and i got a diaper genie-such a great invention. here we are before leaving...

another "first" was being held by her great-grandmother! i love that she has 3 great grandparents that are living. she's met my mom's parents, but not my dad's mom yet. i hope she gets to someday.
and the other "first" was today...sadie's first shopping trip to spice! i got the CUTEST pair of shoes on clearance and a fun necklace. and i took her to my office and let her meet some people there. so it's been a busy day and i'm tired, but sadie slept through it all. haha!

Monday, February 15, 2010


before susanne and mckinlee left today, we did sadie's first little photo shoot! it was a fiasco, but they managed to get a few great pictures!!

and here is our little family yesterday after sadie's first sunday meeting. she was a doll and slept through the entire two hours! (she had silver ballet slippers to go with her outfit that only stayed on for about 2 seconds ;)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

just a spoonful of sugar...

what a sweetie pie!
doesn't my sweet mom resemble mary poppins in this pic?? i took this the other morning after she had come to watch sadie at 5am so i could sleep a little. it was freezing cold and raining so she wore her raincoat over her pajamas! i immediately thought of mary poppins and so did susanne when she looked at the picture. too cute!

this is on friday when susanne and mckinlee came to stay for the weekend. we made hamburgers and they got to spend some time with sadie.

mckinlee has been such a big help this weekend! she loves to hold sadie and get her to sleep. here she is feeding her!

it has been super cold here this weekend but at least the sun has been shining...

tommorrow i'll have pictures of sadie's first meeting on sunday!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

my favorite products

i've been given the sunshine award by this sweet blogger maria! thank you! someday i will list a few of my favorite blogs, but i don't have the time or energy today ;)

awhile ago, i was asked to share some of the beauty products i use...let me just confess that i am a product junkie! i LOVE buying hair products, products for face, and products for nails. i love it all!

but here are some of my favs!

origins youthtopia eye cream-moisturizes and helps with circles modern friction-microdermabrasion at home. leaves my skin feeling super soft

plantidote cleanser-the best cleanser ever

lancome juicy tubes-LOVE THESE! the right amount of color and shine

loreal color vive shampoo-works just as good as expensive salon shampoos and smells good!

those are just a few...are there any more specific products you want me to share with you? if so, just leave a comment and i'll do an answer post!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

thank God Almighty, the child sleeps

it has been rough these past few days. really rough. why doesn't anyone tell first time moms how hard it is? you're thrilled that you made it through the delivery, you have this beautiful child that you wanted so much, so why are you crying and unhappy? LACK OF SLEEP!

sadie was not getting enough to eat with breastmilk, so i put her on formula. she had horrible stomach pain with the first formula, so i switched her to a sensitive formula. that was not working either. she loves to eat and is gaining a lot of weight, but about 30 minutes after she eats, she starts grunting and squirming and her tummy gets so hard. all of this translates to no sleep for mommy and not enough sleep for baby. the dr's office said to switch her to isomil, so i fed her that at lunchtime and put her in her new bouncer, and she has been sleeping for 1 1/2 hours with no grunting/squirming!! praise the Lord above! the nurse said the new formula takes about 3-4 days to really get in her system, but hopefully it will work.after i had a complete meltdown at a family dinner last night, my sweet mother came over to stay the night so mike and i could sleep. i slept for 10 hours, and today i feel like a different person. i am so looking forward to the days when sadie and i are both somewhat rested and feeling good, so i can truly enjoy our little miracle. she is the sweetest thing and never cries, but i just want her to feel better!

here she is yesterday with a little faux all of that hair!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

shopping and a movie

sadie says hi! today was a gorgeous day here...sunny and not too cold!
last night i went to the mall and bought a few things that actually fit me. i can't really fit into my regular jeans yet and do not want to wear maternity stuff anymore, so i bought some cute skinny jeans and skinny cords at jcpenneys for $8!

then i went to forever21 and found some adorable stuff on sale. this cute sweater was $7.50

this tank with a bow on it was $10

and this sweater was $10!

today, my mom came over to babysit sadie while mike and i went to see 'when in rome'. it was such a good movie and hilarious too!

here we are before the movie...

and here is my sweet baby girl asleep on my chest. she's such a doll!

Friday, February 5, 2010

{new loves}

well i can't post without a pic of my *newest* new love, baby sadie.
this was after her bath yesterday morning!
and since i'm all about the loungewear right now, my new loves are all loungy pieces from anthro and they are all on sale...
zip-up cardi

broken in tunic

ground-up loungers
are you doing anything fun this weekend?
we're going to see 'when in rome' kristen bell and josh duhamel!
happy friday!