Tuesday, February 9, 2010

thank God Almighty, the child sleeps

it has been rough these past few days. really rough. why doesn't anyone tell first time moms how hard it is? you're thrilled that you made it through the delivery, you have this beautiful child that you wanted so much, so why are you crying and unhappy? LACK OF SLEEP!

sadie was not getting enough to eat with breastmilk, so i put her on formula. she had horrible stomach pain with the first formula, so i switched her to a sensitive formula. that was not working either. she loves to eat and is gaining a lot of weight, but about 30 minutes after she eats, she starts grunting and squirming and her tummy gets so hard. all of this translates to no sleep for mommy and not enough sleep for baby. the dr's office said to switch her to isomil, so i fed her that at lunchtime and put her in her new bouncer, and she has been sleeping for 1 1/2 hours with no grunting/squirming!! praise the Lord above! the nurse said the new formula takes about 3-4 days to really get in her system, but hopefully it will work.after i had a complete meltdown at a family dinner last night, my sweet mother came over to stay the night so mike and i could sleep. i slept for 10 hours, and today i feel like a different person. i am so looking forward to the days when sadie and i are both somewhat rested and feeling good, so i can truly enjoy our little miracle. she is the sweetest thing and never cries, but i just want her to feel better!

here she is yesterday with a little faux hawk...love all of that hair!


  1. i absolutely cracked up when i read the title of your post! i am so glad and hope the isomil and the bouncer work!
    love her beautiful blue eyes and the faux hawk :)

  2. HANG IN THERE! It will get better. It will. And it will take time. Becoming a mother means reinventing yourself. No one told me either. Once you get the hang of things and figure out your new self it will all get easier. The toughest part for me was leaving my former self behind and embracing my new life. Just be patient and give yourself time. It took me 6 months.

  3. No one told me either. Well, I was told that the first few 'weeks' were crazy but I extended that craziness to a few 'months'. You will feel like yourself in good time. It can be so frustrating and so humbling all at the same time. Your Sadie is perfect in every way!!

  4. (P.S. I'll invite you to my blog so you don't think I'm a total creep for commenting with a private blog!)

  5. I can FEEL your pain. Sleep deprivation is the WORST ever. My son struggle with tummy problems for 8 months. I was up all the time and it just wore me down.
    Thank the LORD for mothers who help out!
    If you ever feel alone, go read my blog posts from the beginning of my blog. They are saturated with sleepy weepys:-)
    For the tummy problems. I gave Barclay Gripe Water (http://www.target.com/gp/detail.html/181-5881494-0573630?ASIN=B001J5LDM4&AFID=Froogle&LNM=B001J5LDM4%7CLittle_Tummys_Gripe_Water_4_oz.&ci_src=14110944&ci_sku=B001J5LDM4&ref=tgt_adv_XSG10001)
    4-5 times a day and it does wonders! I think it is SO much better than milicon. You can buy it at drug stores, Target, pretty much anywhere. Barclay had it regularly for about 5 months.
    Hope her little tummy feels better. No fun...especially for you!

  6. Yes, Yes! I am thrilled! Hope and pray she continues to be satisfied...she is such a sweet little bundle! And, I keep telling you, you are doing GREAT! Just be patient...

  7. Sweet, sweet girl is out...COLD! I'm so happy to hear that you both got some much deserved z's! I'm loving her cute faux hawk! We gave Henry one when he was younger...Now he is the shaggy dog...cutie baby, I mean! D., it just gets better, so don't let anything get you down. :) Thinking of you and that precious baby girl!

  8. I understand completely even though it has been awhile. I had something similar with Emma but finally we tried Isomil and she was much better!! How nice to have Mom close by to let you get some rest!! Hang in there!!

  9. I do not miss those days. It is so hard to be a happy mom when you are deprived from sleep. I hope that Isomil works for your precious baby. She is so precious.