Thursday, February 18, 2010

"firsts" for sadie

i can't believe how grown up mckinlee is! i remember when she was so tiny and would sleep on my chest and now she's a pre-teen and so responsible!
so one of sadie's "firsts" was on monday when we took a family trip to target (one of my happy places ;) we got a portable cd player for her nursery so i can have lullabies playing when she goes to sleep. and i got a diaper genie-such a great invention. here we are before leaving...

another "first" was being held by her great-grandmother! i love that she has 3 great grandparents that are living. she's met my mom's parents, but not my dad's mom yet. i hope she gets to someday.
and the other "first" was today...sadie's first shopping trip to spice! i got the CUTEST pair of shoes on clearance and a fun necklace. and i took her to my office and let her meet some people there. so it's been a busy day and i'm tired, but sadie slept through it all. haha!


  1. sounds like you've been having fun! all of those pictures are so good!

  2. Congrats on some GREAT firsts! Sadie is such a doll!

  3. What a blessed little girl! She has so many people who already love her dearly...pretty pictures...isn't McKinlee a doll?!