Saturday, February 20, 2010

saturday night-in

this afternoon, i got to get a manicure and tan and it was wonderful! don't judge me if you don't agree with tanning beds...a friend once said tan fat is better than white fat and i wholeheartedly agree ;)
this week i'm going to start exercising again. today i was buying nail polish at a salon and the salesgirl asked me if i was going to have a baby. so if that didn't give me motivation to exercise, i don't know what will!
tonight mike and sadie and i had a little date night in. we picked up pei wei and cupcakes and are watching the Top 10 Mexican Resorts on the travel channel.

mike tried to get a pic of all 3 of us! by the fourth try we were laughing so hard!!

happy saturday!


  1. I love what you said about tan fat vs. white fat! I'm laughing as I type! So true! Last year b/f vacay my hubs and I both tried the spray tan route...and loved it! I was cracking up when I was getting it done (crazy poses and it shoots out at 5000mph and is FREEZING)! Everyone in the place could hear me laughing! :)

    Love the pix of the three of you! Hee, hee!

    What a lovely Sat. night! And I could eat both of those yummy cupcakes!

  2. What a fun day for you and fun night for all three of you! You'al are so cute...enjoy your precious little family!

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  4. those cupcakes look divine! and i'm about to make a pei wei stop myself. love your self portraits--so cute!
    who said tan fat's better than white fat? i love that! i may have to start tanning too--everyone around me is going to be so dark!

  5. Funny! I have always said that tanned fat is much nicer than snow white fat!! Y'all looked so cute with all your pics...We seem to have a lot of family nights and they are a BLAST!! I actually made a very similar mistake as the salon girl about 24 years ago!! I thought I was going to die and I never make a comment to anyone with a bulging tummy that you know for sure is pregnant. Don't worry, you look marvelous!

  6. Hi Danielle!

    So fun to hear from you on my blog a few days ago! I'm glad the post helped you...I'm hoping it will help me during the phase you're in! Although I have to say that you look amazing and your little Sadie is absolutely beautiful. Don't stress about what that girl said...I still look totally pregnant for quite a while after I have a baby (it was such a shock to me the first time that my stomach didn't go back faster!). One friend told me that it takes 9 months to get that big and it takes 9 months to look normal again. True! It just takes time. And everything with the baby does get easier...again...more time. Anyway, your family is darling! Glad you had a good weekend. :)

  7. Those cupcakes look delicious!! Are they from Simply Delicious? YUM-O. Looks like you had a fun night in. The pics are cute too!