Tuesday, February 23, 2010

snow day!

today has been a gorgeous snow day! we got 3-4 inches of snow which NEVER happens in central Texas! i just had to show a pic of miss sadie looking at herself in the mirror. she loves to look at herself...uh oh, do we already have a little diva on our hands?! she will lay still for the longest time and just look at herself and talk. too cute!
**somehow i linked this picture to a video we took of her last night, so if you click on the pic, you can see sadie talking** the snow started falling early this morning around 7 and is still falling

here are sadie and i outside in the snow. she lasted about 3.2 seconds before she started crying. she did NOT like the cold snow hitting her face!


  1. I'm in Austin and we got lots of snow too!!! Woohoo!!! It felt like Christmas!!!!

  2. Good shots of the snow! Wasn't it beautiful?! Sadie's first snow...love the pic of her looking in the mirror!

  3. So happy that you finally got a bit of white! Your home is just lovely!

  4. wow! i can't believe you all got that and we didn't get anything! it's just beautiful. i'm so glad you did a video. she has changed so much and is so alert now! i love her looking at herself. next she'll be holding a lip gloss! :)