Tuesday, August 31, 2010

what i wore wednesday

hi everyone! it's wednesday and i'm linking up with the pleated poppy for what i wore wednesday! i missed last week, so i've got a lot of pics this week...

where: to work
t shirt: jcrew
yoga pants: target
necklace: stella & dot

where: to a girls' breakfast
tank: forever21
jeans: gap
necklace: forever21
flips: gap
sadie's outfit: target and headband by littletownboutique on etsy

where: wednesday night meeting
top: ann taylor loft
skirt: talbot's
shoes: enzo at dillard's
earrings: compass

where: to run errands and get a massage
maxi dress: old navy
earrings: compass

where: eating lunch at on the border
aqua tank: target
blouse: anthro
shorts: old navy
flips: payless
necklace: vintage by michele busch

where: sat. morning ministry
tshirt: ann taylor loft
skirt: from a friend, talbot's i think
flips: gap

where: dinner at outback's
tshirt: gap
skirt: target
flips: target
necklace: compass

where: sunday meeting
top: ann taylor loft
skirt: kohl's for $5 (vera wang)
shoes: dillard's
bracelet: michele busch

where: lunch and shopping
top: anthro
leggings: forever21
headband: forever21
sandals: steve madden at dillard's

i think i see a trend here...i go to the same 4 stores over and over! hehe!

thanks for looking ;)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Thursday, August 26, 2010

thursday ramblings

i feel the need to ramble but i'm throwing in some sweet pics of sadie in case you get bored! (thanks to gigi for taking all of these pics)
i worked yesterday, like got up early, got dressed, wore heels, and went to work. that felt a little strange but good. gigi watched sadie for me and she had so much fun. anyway, we had our sales meeting that i haven't been to in 7 months and then a house tour where the realtors preview new listings for their buyers. we have a beautiful new listing and it was on the tour, so mom and i went and opened up the house for everyone to see. during the tour, i was beginning to get yet another head/neck ache-mom was going to her chiropractor after work, so i went with her and got a much needed adjustment. the dr. said it was my occipital lobe causing the problems. plus after delivering sadie, now i have problems with my sacroiliac (totally had to look up how to spell that.) he said when my pelvic bones shifted to deliver sadie, my right side hasn't shifted back properly, thus the constant low back and hip pain.
do i sound like an old lady yet? because some days i feel like one.
then today i completely splurged and got a massage. but it really was for medicinal purposes!
don't you love when you get free things? i do. today i got my free panties at victoria's secret and they are aqua with a houndstooth pattern. could it get any better? my fav color is aqua and i adore anything houndstooth. and i had a coupon at kohl's, so i got a precious vera wang skirt that had been $48 for $5!!

okay now a mommy question. at what point do cut down the amount of naps your baby takes? sadie has been taking 3 short naps everyday, but sometimes it's hard to get her to take the last one and i feel like i'm putting her down for naps all.day.long. i would prefer her to take a short morning nap and a longer afternoon nap which is what she did today, but i don't want to force it if she still wants 3 naps.

2nd mommy question...when did you start giving your baby some table food? did you wait until they had teeth? i'm not talking like eating what we eat, but just trying different stuff occasionally. i guess i'm afraid she'll choke or gag on table food right now. and she's going to eat baby food at least until she's a year old, but when should i introduce some foods?
these last 2 pics i just love. sadie is so happy if she can chew on a strap, in her stroller, in high chair, wherever...the girl loves straps!

and this one...i love that one little wisp of hair coming out of her hat and those pouty lips.

if you made it to the end of this post, you deserve a cookie! so go eat one for me ;)
happy thursday!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

girl's breakfast/back to school cry session

i think that's what jennifer called it!! but i didn't see one tear from any of the moms with kids in school...they were all being brave. it made me think how soon sadie will being going to her first day of school, and how i'll being trying to hold back the tears as i leave my baby all day long.
anyway, we had a great time at cafe cappucino...i got my usual, ham and cheese omelet and choc. chip pancake. mmmmm!
here's miss sadie laughing with her gigi linda and mom

lisa and tonja

danna, me, and kami

it was too fun! we need to do that more often!

Monday, August 23, 2010

fun with the grandparents

this weekend was so busy! it seems like i've been saying that a lot lately :)
we went to our district convention on friday where mike had a talk about hezekiah-he did such a great job! it was about how hezekiah promoted true worship even though he had a terrible father who didn't serve God. then he had an interview of a guy who lost his mother to cancer and his father stopped worshipping God within a few months of each other and just how he stayed focused and positive through it all. so faith strengthening!
here are mom and les before the program started family shot

mike's parents came to here him speak and stayed with us over the weekend

on saturday, i was craving mexcian food, so we went to el conquistador to eat. yum!
sadie's smile is so cute in this pic!

here she is with daddy, nama, and grandpa
after lunch we went to toys r us, where nama and grandpa got her a bunch of cute clothes and her first cell phone! and she got her first pair of pink converse high tops-can't wait for her to wear them this fall.
here she is with her new phone-she adores it!

i don't know if she was just wound up from the excitement or her gums were hurting her, but she was up saturday night from 11 to 2 am...we were soooo tired sunday morning and so was she. thankfully she slept well last night so we were able to go to a girl's breakfast this morning. pics of that tommorrow!
happy monday and happy first day of school!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

7 months old

sadie isabella is 7 months old! she is getting to be such a big girl and more fun each day!
here's what she is up to at 7 months:
  • she is in size 3 diapers and 9 month clothes
  • she wears a size 3 shoe when i can stuff her fat little foot in them :)
  • she is eating stage 2 foods and loves butternut squash, sweet potatoes, farmer's market veggies, and just about any fruit. still doesn't like the green stuff. she loves the taste of central market veggie chips

  • she prefers to drink out of a water bottle or our glasses rather than a sippy cup
  • she can flip over from front to back and back to front so fast
  • she loves to sit and play in her crib after naps
  • she can get up on both knees to crawl but can't quite get her arms to work yet
  • she still loves books and would prefer a book over a toy any time

  • she can say da da, hi, and hey and she is so proud of herself when she talks
  • she sleeps 11-12 hours a night and takes 3 short naps each day
  • she has started reaching for mommy and daddy when she wants out of her crib or up off the floor
  • she loves to watch baby davinci and likes the puppets the best
  • she is the light of our lives and we love her more every day!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

what i wore wednesday

hi! it's what i wore wednesday and i'm linking up to the pleated poppy again this week!
i don't have as many pics this week, but here's what i've got...

where: out to lunch and shopping
tanks: target
yoga pants: target
flower pin: made by me

necklace: michele busch
sadie belle looking cute at home

onesie: target

flower headband: made by mommy

where: wednesday night meeting

tank: target

jacket: waco boutique

skirt: gap

shoes: aldo

earrings: michele busch

bracelet: pandora

where: listing appt. for work (do not like this pic ugh!)

tank: forever 21

sweater: ann taylor loft

pants: jcrew (pre-sadie :)

sandals: ?

bracelet: michele busch

where: at home

t-shirt: target

workout pants: marshalls

necklace: i'm blessed-etsy

sadie belle looking cute again at home!

top: gap


thanks for looking!

happy wednesday!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

answers and some sadie love

i'm just answering a couple of questions from a few post back...
thanks to this blessed nest for your sweet comments about our kitchen! here's a full tour of it!
and to marlene...the kohl's sandals are cute little wedges and so comfy!
and just to make your sunday a little sweeter, here's a few pics of my sadie bella...

Saturday, August 14, 2010

girlies day

whew...i'm a little behind on blogging! wednesday we had a girls day...so much fun! i met mom, susanne, and mckinlee at justice where mck was getting some cute back to school stuff, then we headed over to panera's for lunch. i had their new oven roasted turkey artichoke panini. can i say yum?! of course i love anything that has artichokes in it! sadie bella did so good in the big girl high chair but man does she keep me busy these days. she is looking at/touching everything now, and is not content to just sit. mom and susanne. don't they look so much alike in this pic?
after panera's we went to a boutique where mom got susanne and i pandora bracelets!! they are so beautiful if you don't know what they are, google them. and she got us each a charm to start our collection. SO SWEET!!
and she got mck 2 new charms for her bracelet she got at disney world!

sadie with her zia and mimi. she loves them so much :)
and look at her little tongue sticking out! that's her new thing when she's happy

all of the girls!

we had such a fun time with them being here this week...it's always sad when they leave. hopefully in the fall, we can go to plano more often to stay with them.

happy saturday!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

mayborn museum

on tuesday we went to the mayborn museum on the baylor university campus!
it's a gorgeous museum and has great stuff for kids too.
here we are at the beginning with ginormous tusks in the background...did you know our little town has the largest concentration of mammoths to die in one disaster? there's this whole excavation site and a really cool glass floored exhibit that you walk on and feel like you're going to fall through onto the mammoth bones. susanne and mckinlee in front of the whale head skeleton (that's not the technical term ;)

mck acting "scared"

ooh, and can i just say that i want to live with laura ingalls and ma and pa and even mary, although she was boring until she went blind, then i just felt sorry for her, in their little house on the prarie?! the museum has a little log cabin with an old bed and spinning wheel and a wooden baby crib inside. susanne and i just stood there for awhile talking about how great it would be to live in old times. (that is until she has a migraine and no excedrin or i have a stomachache and no heating pad! ha!)

totally real looking bison

mike and mck in front of the teepee. she's giving him feathers in case you were wondering.

susanne and i in front of our 'dream' house

sadie belle cheesing for daddy. she did great and loved the museum. her fav part? the aquarium...i think it reminded her of her baby einstein musical aquarium on her crib.

the museum has all these cool rooms for kids to explore. this was the transportation room!

the heart room...sadie and i were standing inside of a big heart and we could hear it beating. cool!

in the heart room was a cabinet full of old doctor stuff...like a stethoscope, dr's bag, herbs, ipecac, and other instruments. whew, i'm rethinking the little house on the prairie thing...especially if the doc brought all this scary stuff when he came!

and finally my knight in shining armor next to the big knight in shining armor...was that cheesy enough for you? good.

speaking of the hubs, he's sick today with a bad summer cold. and he's not a good patient! he's has a sick puppy look on his face all day and has blown his nose a million times. poor thing...i think he's needs a hug.
good night!