Tuesday, May 31, 2011

hi ya'll!

did you have a great weekend? we did! 3 day weekends feel so much longer and relaxed to me than regular weekends!

here's sadie (with slightly sleepy eyes) saying "hi"
i thought i would share a few of the cute things she's saying right now...

"put it back"-like when she's done with her milk and wants me to put it in the diaper bag
"mike dada"-she knows his name
"mama move"-if i'm in her way! we're working on saying please!
"yano"-for piano
"abc" and "one....two....threeeeeee"
"strawberry cake"-i've been making a few too many cupcakes lately ;)
"pick a bean"-she goes outside with daddy to check the garden every night and he usually lets her pick a green bean
"too much"-if i put food in her mouth that she doesn't want, then she spits it out
"ticka ticka"-she loves tickling

she makes us laugh all the time and is so much fun!

back to our weekend...saturday night we went to an event here called the Rockin' Heart Ranch which is a dinner/ dance and fundraiser for the American Heart Association. the food was so yummy. we had pork tenderloin, twice baked mashed potatoes, spicy green beans, rolls, and banana pudding. what a southern meal, huh?!

i think people have the misconception that if you live in texas, you wear boots and ride horses all the time, but we don't! i usually pull out my boots twice a year...if we go to the fair & rodeo and for this night. since it IS called rockin' heart ranch, i figure i should dress country. i made mike wear his boots too! he is SO from cali-he would prefer to wear cargos and flip flops all the time :)

here are our two attempts at self-timed pictures!

we were laughing about how old we are, because by 9:15, i had heard all of the bellamy brothers i cared to hear, and was so ready to come home and put on my pajamas!

then sunday, mike's sister and bro-in-law came to visit! we had grilled grouper and redfish for dinner, with french fries and mixed veggies...yum. then i made cupcakes for dessert. they hadn't seen sadie since she was 9 months old so they were blown away at how active and talkative she is! they brought her a sweet little outfit and a puppy toy that you pull on a string...she loves it!
now we've got a busy week ahead of us...
happy tuesday!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

why am i always the one to have hair issues?

okay, first things first...the cutie pie...on her "ho"! that's what she calls her rocking horse! ha! or if she wants to ride a pony on my legs, she'll say "mama-ho!" it cracks me up every time.and tonight she sat in the laundry basket forever while i cooked dinner. eating her goldfish and playing with her disney princess dolls. then after dinner, she wanted to get back in with the poms poms from the baby shower last weekend. simple joys, right?!
now...on to my hair. why did i decide to cut 6 inches off my hair again? because i love having drama in my life? sometimes i think so. last thursday, i got my hair cut and hilighted/lowlighted. i wanted an angled bob but not too short. so my hair guy didn't cut enough off and it just looked weird. which was sort of my fault, because i told him to keep it long(ish), but still he's the professional right? so then back to the salon i went friday for him to fix it.

now i don't know if he was just in a hurry or wanted to move on to a paying customer (since i certainly was not going to pay him again 2 days in a row), or if he truly thought he cut it correctly, but it looked AWFUL...so choppy in the back and one side longer than the other. ugh!

i've been living with it for a week, but thankfully got in to see my mom's hairdresser this morning! i told him it was a hair emergency. dramatic? maybe.

he fixed it all up and it looks SOOO much better...but why does this always happen to me? i have had more hair drama in my 29, almost 30, years of life than i care to recount.

so excuse the tired face that needs some fresh make up applied...but what do you think?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

what i wore wednesday

hi everybody! i'm linking up with lindsey for another what i wore wednesday!

dress-old navy
sandals-target (love these!)
chunky clear bracelet-michele busch
my sis told me this outfit looks like i have a black sports bra on underneath the top! ha! (thanks susanne ;)

sheer top-target
bird in a cage necklace-boutique
skirt-old navy
this was the day i cut 5 inches off my hair...it's shorter in the back and longer in the front. what do you think?
sorry this one is not full length!
dress-old navy
feather earrings-f21
and i had on my orange sandals from target
bracelets-from a bunch of different stores
thanks for looking! happy wednesday :)

Monday, May 23, 2011

kami's baby shower

on saturday afternoon, i hosted a baby shower for a sweet friend, kami and her baby to be, parker! we did a milk and cookies theme which was so much fun...here is the mama beside the sweets table!
the color theme was hot pink, yellow, and gray. i made the pom poms from tissue paper and hung them from the dining chandelier.
i made the cupcakes-they were strawberry with buttercream frosting. the cute pink and white polka dot cupcake liners i got from hey yo yo. my sweet mom made her delicious chocolate chip cookies, and then we had a candy bar with take home treat bags-watermelon sours, lemon drop, and jelly beans!
i used target brand and starbucks frappucino bottles to drink the milk out of and the cute gray and white straws are from hey yo yo. i got the cute milk containers from hobby lobby and filled them with chocolate and white milk.
we made flower arrangement in mason jars tied with a raffia ribbon
i used pink paislee 'soiree' scrapbook paper for the parker banner along with little embellishments to make it blingy, and we added pom poms to either side of the banner.
we had an advice tree on the entry table...i spray painted tree branches from our yard hot pink and made little yellow cards for everyone to write words of mama advice for kami. it turned out so cute!!
i could not have done all of this without the help of my mom, sis, and niece. thank you so much!
me, mckinlee, and susanne
and our littlest guest was baby addison, who was born 7 weeks early, but she is doing fantastic and is the cutest thing. her mama's due date was tommorrow. wow!
we mainly had sweets to eat, but i did make the yummiest chicken pasta salad and served it with garlic crostini. jennifer brought a veggie tray with the best dip ever.

it was a super fun afternoon and kami got so many cute things for baby parker. i can't wait until she arrives!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

what i wore wednesday

it's wednesday and i decided to link up with lindsey at the pleated poppy for what i wore wednesday! go check out all the great fashion inspiration :)

here's what i wore this week:
white tank-gap
orange tank-jcrew
shorts-old navy
sandals-steve madden
bracelet and earrings-kenneth cole at dillard's

striped top and belt-forever 21
jeans-lc for kohl's
necklace-forever 21
bracelets and earrings-kenneth cole at dillard's
scarf-old navy
necklace-planet jill
earrings-push present from hubby
happy wednesday!

Monday, May 16, 2011

susanne and chris' 17th

this weekend we had an anniversary party for susanne and chris. i can't believe they've been married 17 years! we ate dinner at mama baris...a yummy italian restaurant, then had dessert and presents at mom and les' house.

here's the dessert table. so pretty and springy!
nana and poppy got sadie belle a rocking horse on saturday, so here is mckinlee helping her out with it. sadie calls it her "ho" isn't that hilarious?!
the wonderful coconut cake mom made
my devil's food cupcakes with buttercream icing...i've been practicing to get them looking professional. what do you think?
and the most wonderful spice cookies with divinity inside that my grandmother makes!
i loved this one of susanne and mckinlee
their sweet family
mike and i
this is the present i was telling you about...the one that i would like ;)
it's a family rules sign! i had seen them on different blogs and thought they were so cute. i ordered this one off etsy at 41westdesigns
sunday we had breakfast and played before they headed over to chris' parents for lunch. i LOVE this picture of sadie and her zizi!
and this was miss s today before we went to the grocery store...
i bought lots of good stuff at the store this morning-veggies, fruits, larabars, and orangemint water. i start the shred again today for 30 days before our trip to florida. gotta get in swimsuit shape...but, i am oh so proud that i've lost 11 pounds in the last 4 months!! only 4 more to go!

happy monday :)

Friday, May 13, 2011

random friday

happy happy friday! it's been a good day so far, except for the headache i have...i met jennifer for lunch at cafe cappucino AND sadie's little cold is getting better today. so i think that's a sign of a good weekend to come. tommorrow night we have susanne and chris' anniversary party, so that will be fun. can't wait for them to see their gift. i love it so much i would like one too ;) i'll show pics next week!

for now-a few pictures from our week...

there was a special delivery for me yesterday from my friend, vera. bradley, that is.
miss s is so into the potty room right now. she looooves playing with the toilet paper and she'll tap on the toilet seat and say "potty." this morning, she went into our bathroom and said "potty" so i put her on it to let her try. she held onto me for dear life like i was going to drop her in! and then i took her off pretty quickly. but at least she gets the idea.
yesterday morning there was the sweetest little bird (dove?) on our patio table. i took the pic from inside but loved the way it turned out.
and wednesday we had a horrible rainstorm. the sky was such an intense color!
and lately sadie loves walking her stroller around the house. except she usually turns it upside down and pushes it by the wheels. all kinds of things get strolled around like dolls, books, and cheddar goldfish!
have a great weekend!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

hi there...

i'm finally back! i took a much needed break from blogging and i feel so refreshed and ready to get back to documenting our little life.

so much has gone in the last couple of months, but i'll just show you a few highlights (if anyone is still reading my little blog ;)

april 17th we celebrated the memorial of jesus' death. last year, sadie was 2 months old and so tiny. this year, she's such a big girl and was quite the stinker during the celebration. i brought her diego and dora figures to keep her busy, and she yelled "diego" during the whole evening. ha! i loved this blue smocked dress she wore. she looks so big!
and a family pic
love this expression on her face. this was before going to her 15 month doctor's appointment. she did great even though she had to get shots. she is 33 1/4 inches tall and weighs 27 pounds. my big girl!
this was one sunday before our meeting-i just thought we looked so springy and cheerful.
and last friday we took a loooong overdue trip to plano to see zizi, mimi, and uncle. we had so much fun shopping, eating, and playing.
sometimes i can't believe susanne has an almost teenager and i have a baby!
this sweet girl is the BEST babysitter and so grown up
and sadie loved being outside in their backyard and playing with toys and the flowers. and breaking the kitty statue (sorry susanne ;)
so i'm back and ready for summer! aren't you?!