Monday, May 16, 2011

susanne and chris' 17th

this weekend we had an anniversary party for susanne and chris. i can't believe they've been married 17 years! we ate dinner at mama baris...a yummy italian restaurant, then had dessert and presents at mom and les' house.

here's the dessert table. so pretty and springy!
nana and poppy got sadie belle a rocking horse on saturday, so here is mckinlee helping her out with it. sadie calls it her "ho" isn't that hilarious?!
the wonderful coconut cake mom made
my devil's food cupcakes with buttercream icing...i've been practicing to get them looking professional. what do you think?
and the most wonderful spice cookies with divinity inside that my grandmother makes!
i loved this one of susanne and mckinlee
their sweet family
mike and i
this is the present i was telling you about...the one that i would like ;)
it's a family rules sign! i had seen them on different blogs and thought they were so cute. i ordered this one off etsy at 41westdesigns
sunday we had breakfast and played before they headed over to chris' parents for lunch. i LOVE this picture of sadie and her zizi!
and this was miss s today before we went to the grocery store...
i bought lots of good stuff at the store this morning-veggies, fruits, larabars, and orangemint water. i start the shred again today for 30 days before our trip to florida. gotta get in swimsuit shape...but, i am oh so proud that i've lost 11 pounds in the last 4 months!! only 4 more to go!

happy monday :)


  1. What a sweet anniversary celebration! The dessert table looks so festive and YUM...speaking of...your cupcakes are killer! I recently tried my hand at this and WHOA! Let's just say I didn't take any pix! And best of all...Miss S.'s CURLS! LOVE!

  2. thanks so much for everything! we had a fun time. and yes--your cupcakes looked and tasted professional! LOVE that picture of me and sadie-will have to get a copy for sure. love her little "nella" outfit for the grocery! :)

  3. Our party did look pretty! Your cupcakes are definitely on the professional level! I really like that pic of Sadie & Susanne and aren't they a cute family! as is yours!!!