Wednesday, May 11, 2011

hi there...

i'm finally back! i took a much needed break from blogging and i feel so refreshed and ready to get back to documenting our little life.

so much has gone in the last couple of months, but i'll just show you a few highlights (if anyone is still reading my little blog ;)

april 17th we celebrated the memorial of jesus' death. last year, sadie was 2 months old and so tiny. this year, she's such a big girl and was quite the stinker during the celebration. i brought her diego and dora figures to keep her busy, and she yelled "diego" during the whole evening. ha! i loved this blue smocked dress she wore. she looks so big!
and a family pic
love this expression on her face. this was before going to her 15 month doctor's appointment. she did great even though she had to get shots. she is 33 1/4 inches tall and weighs 27 pounds. my big girl!
this was one sunday before our meeting-i just thought we looked so springy and cheerful.
and last friday we took a loooong overdue trip to plano to see zizi, mimi, and uncle. we had so much fun shopping, eating, and playing.
sometimes i can't believe susanne has an almost teenager and i have a baby!
this sweet girl is the BEST babysitter and so grown up
and sadie loved being outside in their backyard and playing with toys and the flowers. and breaking the kitty statue (sorry susanne ;)
so i'm back and ready for summer! aren't you?!


  1. Hey!!! I'm still reading! Welcome back!!! You have a beautiful family :)

  2. So happy you are back! Love your new blog design! And WOW! Miss S. is growing up! Why do they grow up so quickly? I'm lovin' your lighter hair...I'm copying...I need a change...and yours inspired me! Yeah!

  3. Hi Danielle!
    I'm still reading! I'm glad you are back.
    Great family pic of you all.
    Thanks for your sweet comment about my haircut. It's fun! Your hair always looks great but I'm sure you would totally rock a cute short do! :)

  4. i'm so glad you're back! i was having withdrawals. we had so much fun on friday--mckinlee IS the best babysitter. if we lived closer, you'd never need to worry about a sitter!
    (i can't believe with my pretty pots of flowers the only one you got with sadie was next to that pot of dead ones--how embarrassing! :)

  5. Welcome back! I am glad that you got the break you needed but also that you came back, I love reading your blog. Your little girl is so adorable and getting so big!