Thursday, September 30, 2010

show us your life-dining rooms

it's show us your life day at kelly's korner...this week dining rooms. and since our dining room and kitchen is all one big room, i've included pictures of everything! this stove is such a piece of me...i love to cook and have so many good memories of cooking yummy dishes here! (it's a ge monogram in case you were wondering)

this is our eat-in dining room. i got the table and chairs at a place called spice here in waco. check out their website, they have great stuff.

the is our coffee bar and my wine rack. mike's wine rack is in his office. so needless to say, this wine rack has lots of pinot grigio and sauvignon blanc in it!

and here's a view from the other direction

my island houses my sink (whitehaus farmhouse) and our dishwasher

and i love the seperates the kitchen and living room, and i use it when we have company. i just put all the food on the buffet and let everybody make their own plates.

thanks for looking!

one year ago...

last september
-i looked like this
-we had just found out we were having a girl, so i was in full 'girly mode' getting stuff ready for her
-i was counting down the days until she arrived
-i thought my belly was so big
-i was blissfully happy
this september
-what was in my belly looks like this ;)
-i have an 8 month old who is so fun and spunky
-i'm looking back at the days when she was a newborn and can't believe she'll be a year old soon
-i still think my belly is too big. ha!
-i am so very very happy with our life and my sweet girl

and tommorrow begins october, my favorite month of the year!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

what i wore wednesday

so this lovely wednesday morning finds me home in bed with strep throat. i feel terrible, but still wanted to share with you a few of my outfits over the last couple of weeks. the pics are all out of order (just in case you were getting confused with blond to brown to blond hair changes! i change my hair a lot but not daily. ha!)
check out what other people wore at the pleated poppy...
out to lunch and running errands
navy tank: target
orange blouse: loft
jeans: guess at marshall's
gold sandals: payless to the grocery store
grey tank: target
sweater: jcrew
pants: dillard's
flips: target

and on miss sadie belle

outfit and socks: baby gap

flower: made my mimi and zia

to wednesday night meeting
on me:
dress: dressbarn
shoes: kohl's
on sadie:
onesie: old navy
tutu skirt: from her mimi
flower headband: gift

to lunch and running errands
shirt: old navy
skinny jeans: target
shoes: steve madden at macy's

on sadie
top: baby gap
jeans and shoes: target

wednesday night meeting
on me:
top: loft
sweater: new york & co
skirt: loft found at resale shop
shoes: dillards
on sadie:
dress: gift (carter's)
flower headband: made by mama

thanks for looking! and have a great wednesday! (i'll be staying in my pjs all day long and drinking lots of juice ;)

Monday, September 27, 2010

monday again

why is it the weekends always fly by and monday comes so quickly? we had a relaxing weekend and didn't do a lot...but i did go see You Again-it is hilarious!! i haven't laughed so hard at a movie in a long time!
and here are a couple of pics of daddy and sadie hanging out and watching baby einstein!
love how her hand is resting on his arm snuggle time

and last night, mike built a fire in our outdoor fireplace for the first time...we watched amazing race and ate cheese dip and drank wine with my mom and les. it was perfect!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

show us your life-master bedroom

it's show us your life again at kelly's korner...this week is master bedrooms!

our master bedroom is super calm and serene, just perfect for sleeping! the color on the walls is comfort gray from sherwin williams but it reminds me of the restoration hardware color in all their stores. the bed is from pottery barn as is the duvet. the aqua pillows are bella notte. the bedside tables are from a local furniture store and the lamps are from target (my happy place!)
i got the starburst mirror at target too.
oh and the rug is jute chenille from pottery barn this is facing the bed and looking left which goes into our bathroom...i love to have a little reading chair in the bedroom and my sweet sadie's pic when she was 3 months old.

chair is from world market...pic was taken by me, thankya very much

and this is the wall opposite our bed...i know i know it looks too cluttered but we've had to do some rearranging and babyproofing lately and this was the only spot for the big ikea mirror. a local boutique handmade the armoire for me. it's aqua paint underneath with cream on top and has old glass door knobs on it. it has little cubbies inside for all of my pjs, undies, swimsuits, socks, etc. i love it! the black and white pics are from some of the trips we've taken since we've been married...keep thinking i need to put a pic up when we went to naples last year, but haven't done that yet.

thanks for looking and happy friday!

Friday, September 17, 2010

show us your life-living rooms

kelly's korner is doing another 'show us your life' linky party! here's my living room for you to tour...(it looks a little different now. we took out the coffee table and got a softer rug for sadie)
this is the entry way with framed pictures that i took on a trip to napa/san francisco. frames from michael's, entry table from a local furniture store. right now i've got pumpkins and fall stuff on the entry table-i usually change it with the seasons! the blue & white pillows on the couch i got at target, the yellow chair is from pottery barn, and the rug i got here
the color on the walls is Sherwin Williams Repose Grey (so neutral but looks clean and fresh too!) i got the apothecary jar on the mantle from marshall's, the seahorse and coral from z gallerie and have collected the stack of books from different places over the years

happy weekend!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

8 months

sadie isabella is 8 months old today!
she has so much personality already and lets her feelings be known...wonder where she got that?!
a few things about sadie right now:
  • she's started blowing her nostrils in and out really loud if she is amused or mad
  • she says (or has said) dada, mama, nana, baba, byebye, and hi
  • she is crawling -when she really wants to get to something. otherwise she rolls around to get what she wants
  • she can go from laying down, to sitting, to crawling and back again...many nights lately, she'll be sitting up in her crib when we go to check on her!
  • sadie takes 2 naps daily and sleeps about 12 hours each night
  • she's wearing 9 month and 12 month clothes

  • she wears a size 3 shoe but those are getting too small
  • she likes just about any food i give her and she's starting to nibble on table food...her favs so far...cinammon muffins and hummus
  • sadie knows when our front door or back door opens, someone is coming to see her. she'll turn her head around and wait for them!
  • she is constantly moving. she's usually too busy too snuggle unless she's sleepy.
  • sadie still loves books-that's her toy of choice, but she also loves her play cell phone and her ball. she knows how to roll the ball back and forth with us!
  • she is sociable and loves to meet new people and go places

    she is an absolute blessing and we love her so much! i think this age is my favorite so far...she's still a sweet baby but is getting indepedent and so playful!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


sadie belle got her first tooth today!!

(susanne and mom...doesn't this pic of her look just like susanne's baby pictures?!)

Monday, September 13, 2010

playing with hats

what ya' doin sadie?
caught you!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

fab finds

i went shopping this afternoon because the dry cleaners ruined one of my favorite dresses, so they're giving me a check to replace it. except that my dress is no longer in the store, so i decided to get 3 things for the price of 1 dress...yay for sales!
i found this ann taylor loft skirt at a consignment store with the tags still on for $12.99. i thought it would be so cute for fall with a little sweater. this blouse is so much prettier in person. kind of a chartreuse color with sparklies all down the front! i'm going to wear it with jeans and then dress it up with a skirt.

and my steal of the day-this dress, which i'm planning on wearing with either purple or teal tights and my grey booties, was originally $79 but was on sale plus an additional 40% off so i got it for $29!! so excited about that!

and finally, my sweet sadie, who just gets more scrumptious every day...

happy (almost) friday!

Monday, September 6, 2010

is it fall yet?

i've decided that fall is quite possibly my fav season! the anticipation, the first chilly morning, the crisp fall air that is unlike any other time of the year. and fall is when mike and i got married, so that makes it special too. we had a few glimpses of fall this weekend with the morning temps being in the refreshing.
and we had a really fun family weekend...
miss sadie already relaxing for the weekend friday night, i made a beef, spinach, and mozzerella pizza and it was so delish! and we had caesar salad, and cupcakes for dessert.

after dinner, mike took sadie outside to see the dogs. she adores cooper and henry and jumps up and down when they are around her.
i just loved this picture of she and her daddy

saturday morning we all got in our big bed and were lazy, then it was time for breakfast. scrambled eggs, bacon, and sadie's first whole wheat bagel. i think this was right before she began to gag on it :)

we got dressed and ready to go and took some pics of sadie with daddy

and with mommy

we dropped mike off to get his hair cut and sadie and i braved the masses at academy sports & outdoors. i know, you're thinking, danielle and sadie and the outdoor store?? but it was the only store available while we waited for mike! let me tell you, saturday at noon is not the time to go to academy...there were parents with soccer kids, hunting and fishing people, people gearing up for a big barbecue, and many many more. so we got outta there pretty quick and picked up mike. but not before sadie belle chilled in her car seat for awhile. i sat her in her car seat while i was putting the cart in the cart thingy and i came back and she had both legs sprawled over the side of her car seat. too funny!

after academy, we had lunch at mcalister's, then on to target!! yippee!! my happy place! i had to get this cutest outfit for fall for sadie. and little brown leather shoes just scream autumn don't they?!

saturday night, mr. schmidt and i had a much needed date night. we got seafood, went to hobby lobby, and had starbucks for dessert. pretty perfect!
sunday morning i made blueberry pancakes, and after our bible meeting, we got the mexi-cobb salad at chuy's (the best :) after putting sadie to bed, we ate cheeseburgers (fixed by my mom)...i know, how many meals can we squeeze into 1 day?! and watched part of something's gotta give-my favorite movie. i guess we were eating a bunch yesterday because today started our new nutritional plan. i am NOT calling it a diet...because just that word makes me want to go eat cake. but we are going completely organic, lowering our carb intake, and getting super serious about exercise.
i've been inspired by this family who is super organic, natural, unprocessed, unpasteurized, and on and on. she makes me want to grow my own corn or something. but really, i've enjoyed reading about her 'philosophy' on things. (still not quite sure about the showering once a week thing, but to each his own.)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

great thursday

well today i got a much needed 'day off'! my mom watched sadie for me so i could clean my house, go to lunch with a friend, and get some goodies at target.
i took these of sadie belle the other day but i just thought they were too cute not to share... love the bit of drool on her chin

such a big girl

is that the cutest profile ever?!

her new thing...she puts her top lip way over her bottom one

i always spend too much at target, but they had such cute stuff, especially for sadie! got her some 12 month pjs (can't believe my little baby is already is 12 mo stuff), and some cute leggings and tops too.
and i got me these cutie shoes for fall

and this tank and beige blouse

and some skinny jeans that are actually pretty comfy

hope you had a great thursday too!