Thursday, September 16, 2010

8 months

sadie isabella is 8 months old today!
she has so much personality already and lets her feelings be known...wonder where she got that?!
a few things about sadie right now:
  • she's started blowing her nostrils in and out really loud if she is amused or mad
  • she says (or has said) dada, mama, nana, baba, byebye, and hi
  • she is crawling -when she really wants to get to something. otherwise she rolls around to get what she wants
  • she can go from laying down, to sitting, to crawling and back again...many nights lately, she'll be sitting up in her crib when we go to check on her!
  • sadie takes 2 naps daily and sleeps about 12 hours each night
  • she's wearing 9 month and 12 month clothes

  • she wears a size 3 shoe but those are getting too small
  • she likes just about any food i give her and she's starting to nibble on table food...her favs so far...cinammon muffins and hummus
  • sadie knows when our front door or back door opens, someone is coming to see her. she'll turn her head around and wait for them!
  • she is constantly moving. she's usually too busy too snuggle unless she's sleepy.
  • sadie still loves books-that's her toy of choice, but she also loves her play cell phone and her ball. she knows how to roll the ball back and forth with us!
  • she is sociable and loves to meet new people and go places

    she is an absolute blessing and we love her so much! i think this age is my favorite so far...she's still a sweet baby but is getting indepedent and so playful!


  1. what a sweetheart! that frog is just getting smaller and smaller :)

  2. ...and the precious babe always looks sooooo happy!!!!!

  3. she is so beautiful with her big, blue eyes!!! you have got to come to Montgomery so the girls and I can hold her (if she'll sit still long enough!!)before she gets too big!! We miss y'all!