Monday, September 6, 2010

is it fall yet?

i've decided that fall is quite possibly my fav season! the anticipation, the first chilly morning, the crisp fall air that is unlike any other time of the year. and fall is when mike and i got married, so that makes it special too. we had a few glimpses of fall this weekend with the morning temps being in the refreshing.
and we had a really fun family weekend...
miss sadie already relaxing for the weekend friday night, i made a beef, spinach, and mozzerella pizza and it was so delish! and we had caesar salad, and cupcakes for dessert.

after dinner, mike took sadie outside to see the dogs. she adores cooper and henry and jumps up and down when they are around her.
i just loved this picture of she and her daddy

saturday morning we all got in our big bed and were lazy, then it was time for breakfast. scrambled eggs, bacon, and sadie's first whole wheat bagel. i think this was right before she began to gag on it :)

we got dressed and ready to go and took some pics of sadie with daddy

and with mommy

we dropped mike off to get his hair cut and sadie and i braved the masses at academy sports & outdoors. i know, you're thinking, danielle and sadie and the outdoor store?? but it was the only store available while we waited for mike! let me tell you, saturday at noon is not the time to go to academy...there were parents with soccer kids, hunting and fishing people, people gearing up for a big barbecue, and many many more. so we got outta there pretty quick and picked up mike. but not before sadie belle chilled in her car seat for awhile. i sat her in her car seat while i was putting the cart in the cart thingy and i came back and she had both legs sprawled over the side of her car seat. too funny!

after academy, we had lunch at mcalister's, then on to target!! yippee!! my happy place! i had to get this cutest outfit for fall for sadie. and little brown leather shoes just scream autumn don't they?!

saturday night, mr. schmidt and i had a much needed date night. we got seafood, went to hobby lobby, and had starbucks for dessert. pretty perfect!
sunday morning i made blueberry pancakes, and after our bible meeting, we got the mexi-cobb salad at chuy's (the best :) after putting sadie to bed, we ate cheeseburgers (fixed by my mom)...i know, how many meals can we squeeze into 1 day?! and watched part of something's gotta give-my favorite movie. i guess we were eating a bunch yesterday because today started our new nutritional plan. i am NOT calling it a diet...because just that word makes me want to go eat cake. but we are going completely organic, lowering our carb intake, and getting super serious about exercise.
i've been inspired by this family who is super organic, natural, unprocessed, unpasteurized, and on and on. she makes me want to grow my own corn or something. but really, i've enjoyed reading about her 'philosophy' on things. (still not quite sure about the showering once a week thing, but to each his own.)


  1. S's HUGE smile is sooooo cute! And we ate half of Indiana this past weekend, so back to the healthy grind! Ugh!

  2. What a fun weekend! Love that outfit for Sadie! Hope your healthy eating is going good! We had a wonderful pizza Friday too.

  3. That's the cutest Sadie outfit! Hooray for your healthy endeavors! I like the mommy & daddy pictures with Sadie.

  4. Your little girl is too adorable! We love Mcallisters as well and of course Target!