Thursday, December 31, 2009

dr's appt. and menu for the week

this is what sadie looks like at 37 weeks! wow! i can't believe she'll be here in 3 weeks or less. i had my 37 week appt. today and dr. b examined me and told me i'm not dilated at all. i told him he could just lie to me and make me feel better! hehe! but everything looks really good...she's head down and her heart rate was 141. i've gained a total of 26 pounds. have i said how much i love dr. b?? he's so calming and reassuring and answered my long list of questions today! so now i'm determined for the next few weeks just to relax and have some fun! i have baby showers to attend the next 2 weekends, mom and i are working on reorganizing our office space, and i've got a couple of crafty projects to do.

tonight, mike and i are making a yummy dinner and maybe staying up to watch the ball drop...if we can both stay awake that long ;)

i haven't shared a weekly menu in a long time, but that doesn't mean i haven't been cooking (and eating!) yesterday i was craving peanut butter blossoms, so i made some and they are heavenly. i think i had already eaten 6 of them before lunch today!

here is our menu for the next week...if you want any recipes just leave a comment and let me know...
thursday-turkey, provolone and pesto paninis, chips
friday-herbed scrambled eggs, bacon, and mike's french toast
saturday-eat out
sunday-chicken and green chile enchiladas, beans
monday-glazed salmon, roasted red potatoes and asparagus
tuesday-chicken cobb salad, garlic bread
wednesday-white chili

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


week 36
i have 3 1/2 weeks left until my due date

i go to dr. b on thursday to see how things are progressing or if they are at all!
and i'm in a bit of a dilemma...there are 8 doctors at my dr's office. they take turns being on call evenings and weekends. do i go into labor naturally and take a big chance that dr. b will not be the one who delivers sadie? or do i schedule an induction (after week 39) when dr. b can do it?
i personally don't want to be induced unless i am dilated/effaced on my own, but i have also spent 9 months seeing my doctor and feel weird about some other dr. being there for the most important part!
anybody had this experience??
in other green sweater is CLEAN!! so i guess mike is off the hook for getting me another sweater from anthro {wink}
what are you doing today?
i am enjoying the cold, grey weather from inside my warm house.
i am making chicken soup and grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner.
i am (hopefully) finishing a victoria holt book called 'house of a thousand lanterns'.
i am calming down from a super busy week and weekend.
enjoy your day!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

tale of the sweater

do you remember this sweater? this was my shower sweater that i loved for months and finally bought at anthro for full price since it was for a special occasion. keep in mind that i was wearing this sweater as i tell my tale...
tonight was our annual pioneer (full time minister) dinner for our congregation. they enjoy an encouraging talk, and then we prepare dinner and dessert for them. tonight it was lasagna, salad, breadsticks, with cheesecake and german chocolate cake for dessert. i was assigned to bring the german chocolate cake which i brought on a cute rectangular glass tray (i didn't put any cover or foil on it because i didn't want to mess up the icing)
there was half of the cake left over after the dinner, so i took it with us when we left, because we're having friends over for a turkey dinner tommorrow night, and i thought could finish the cake then. still with no cover or foil over it.
on the way home, we had to return a movie at redbox at our walgreen's, so mike went into walgreen's to get butter and turkey gravy-cause you can't have a turkey without gravy right?!
all this time i had been holding the cake tray on my lap, but i put it on the dash of his truck for a minute. when he got back in, i took the bag of 3 cans of gravy and butter, and he was in the process of telling me what a great deal he got on the gravy, when he puts the truck into reverse and the ENTIRE TRAY OF CAKE GOES FLYING INTO MY LAP. this is not pretty people...coconut and chocolate all over my favorite black leggings, my tall black boots, my only maternity coat mom bought me, and my GREEN SWEATER. i try to catch it too late, so now i am covered in chocolate and smearing it on the seat of his truck. i was so tempted to take some of the chocolate and dab it on his perfectly clean shirt and slacks, but i restrained myself. although i did dip my finger in it and smeared it good naturedly (of course) all over his cheek (it made me feel a little better. ha!)
so as we speak my beautiful sweater is being gentle cycled in 30* celsius water, and i am praying the chocolate comes out.
the only thing to not get a spot of chocolate on it?
my $10 old navy tank.
go figure.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

funny pics

yesterday. susanne took some pictures of mom and i for real estate (we are going to be a sales team again, like we were in the woodlands)...we needed a new picture for advertising, so she took several for us. mom looked great, but really, how is it possible for me to look good and professional when i am 3 weeks away from giving birth?! maybe not the perfect timing, so we may try again after sadie is born ;)
but here is one of us being silly... belly shot-hehe!
and little cuties lauren and mckinlee

then we went to the olive branch for lunch and spice to buy jewelry. the girls got some of the cutest rings and earrings inside spice at a store called posh, where everything is $2.
oh and just so you know how crazy texas weather is...yesterday it was 70 degrees and humid and now it is SNOWING!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

practically pikasso

whew! we have had such a busy and fun week so far! susanne and mckinlee came to stay with us this week and mom has had brock, cole, and lauren staying with them, so we have been doing all sorts of activites. in the midst of all of our fun though, i have gotten a horrible cold, so my head is swimming and i think i've blown my nose 500 times. ugh!
monday, we went to practically pikasso which is a 'paint your own pottery' place. mom let mckinlee and lauren each pick out something to paint, then they picked the colors and stencils they wanted and started painting. the owners fire your pottery and you pick it up a few days later. so cool! they had some coffee mugs i think i will do for mike and i sometime.

here's mom and lauren with her 'L'

lauren and mckinlee posing for a pic

picking their paint colors

in the midst of their creativity ;)
the girls have gotten their nails painted, gone to the museum, bought tons of jewelry, made sugar cookies, and played lots of games.
the boys have made birdhouses with their grandpa, hiked and climb a cliff at the river, and played catch.
last night, we all went to poppa rollo's pizza for dinner. yum!
having fun is exhausting (maybe the head cold and being 9 months pregnant isn't helping! ha!)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

have you seen this?

we went to see this movie yesterday afternoon! it was really cute and funny. i like both of these actors, and together, they were great. sjp's wardrobe in it made me want to shop at the gap and wear plaid. hehe :)

we've had a pretty quiet weekend, gearing up for a busy week! i've got dentist and doctor appts., pictures for real estate (i'm going back into sales after sadie's born), family coming into town tonight, and lots of other fun things planned!

and here is my 35 week picture...can you believe sadie will be here in the next 2 to 5 weeks?! i am beyond excited and so ready to see her!

Friday, December 18, 2009

{new loves}

good friday morning to you!
for my new loves today, i was thinking of sharing with you a few new blogs i've started reading (and some older ones too)! and then i looked at susanne's blog, and her 'fabulous friday finds' are some are her favorite blogs...sometimes we really think alike. like when we were both still at home, and we'd get dressed and come out of our rooms with the same colors on! hehe!
so i have really scaled back on my blog reading (it was getting a little out of hand) but these are a few blogs that i so enjoy:
my colorful life - a cute photog/teacher mom from cali that has really cool style
what i wore- love this gal's style and how she documents what she wears daily
just me and my two little chicks- she used to live in waco, a scrapbooker with a quirky, fun personality, and 2 precious little girls (susanne had this one on her blog too)
people's celebrity baby blog- keeps me informed on all the hollywood 'baby news'
{enjoy your weekend and stay warm}

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

in need of some comfort (food)

i'm really needing these things today and so far all i've gotten are the choc. chip cookies (which i had to make myself)
i've had a bad day.
do you want to know why?
  • my grandaddy (with bone cancer) broke his hip on monday night, and had to have hip surgery last night at 91 years old. the doctors said if he didn't have the surgery, he would be bedfast in horrible pain. he made it through and is stable, but still not out of the woods.
  • my mamajeanne (grandaddy's wife) is horribly sick with bronchitis/pneumonia and was just taken to the ER because she cannot breathe. and she's not able to be with grandaddy because she's so sick.
  • i cannot go see either of them for fear of getting sick myself
  • i have had low nerve pain all day long that goes from my front to my back and down my leg. i'm not sure if sadie's pushing on a nerve or what, but i cannot get comfortable.
  • this morning, i was eating my granola and yogurt and felt something extremely crunchy in my mouth (not granola). it was part of my back tooth breaking off, and i swallowed it before i realized what it was.
  • it has been grey and cold all day, and i'm still in my pajamas, and have not gone anywhere which makes me even more tired than if i had been busy all day.

i hope you're having a much better day than me. hopefully i will have a better attitude tommorrow. and don't worry, i'm still counting all my blessings, they're just a little harder to focus on today.

Monday, December 14, 2009

a & p's 27th

friday night, we celebrated my aunt and uncle's 27th anniversary! we ate dinner at a really swanky steakhouse called diamondback's. i had the best herb roasted chicken and au gratin potatoes (wasn't feeling like a steak that night)
mike had the stuffed shrimp which he said were fantastic.
after dinner, we went to my grandparents' house for presents and cake. yum! here are aaron and peggy with their cake. and my grandmother had homemade caramel candy (she makes the best ever), coffee, tea, punch, and another cake. can you tell we all love to eat?!here i am with my other aunt vicki and cousin savanah

opening their presents

and my sweet grandaddy (who we just found out has bone cancer). he is one of the kindest, most positive people ever. we thought we would have to say goodbye to him 10 years ago after a severe accident caused him to need brain surgery, which caused poisoning of his stomach lining, and caused him to lose kidney function and the ability to swallow. he has made such a recovery over the last several years, but his speech was almost totally affected. but even today if you ask him how he is, he always says "doing good." i know our family feels so blessed to have had him with us these last 10 years. we love you grandaddy!

on a different subject, i had a gift card to PoshTots and used it to buy sadie's bouncer and this cutie diaper bag! and it was on great is that?!

Friday, December 11, 2009

{new loves} $10 and under edition

this friday's new loves are all $10 and under...yea for good deals, right?!

feather pouf clip from forever 21

chandelier earrings from forever 21
love this chunky gem bracelet from forever 21

brown vest from target

blingy headband from forever 21

clutch from target

multi colored beanie from forever 21

aqua sweater from target

Thursday, December 10, 2009


baby it's cold outside!
i have been doing a lot of this lately...drinking hot cocoa
staying snuggly warm in my uggs

and wearing fun hats!
what do you do when it's freezing outside??

this is just a random fun pic i took at anthro...i love all the letters displayed!
**baby sadie update**we went for my 34 week appt. today and i've gained 23 pounds and her heart rate was 143. dr. b estimates that she weighs a little over 5 pounds.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

baby shower {part 3}

okay, i promise this is the last post on the baby shower!! we got so many beautiful things for sadie...several gorgeous handmade blankets, precious clothes and shoes, and great practical items too. here are just a few pics of gifts. handmade blanket by jennifer with sadie's name monogrammed on it
little furry coat with blingy buttons

pink fleece outfit with puffer furry vest

a quilt made by my mom that looks just like my favorite quilt when i was little

an adorable swimsuit

sadie's first diamonds from nama (mike's mom)


beautiful black & white damask highchair from susanne

and here are all the gifts in her room!

i've missed showing my belly shots the last 2 weeks, so here is 32 weeks...

and here is 33 weeks!

i'm getting to the stage where i'm really ready to deliver her and meet her! but i have loved every second of being pregnant...only 6 weeks left!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

baby shower {part deux}

here are pictures of some of the guests...i wish i gotten one of everyone who helped with the shower!
susanne, mom, me, and mckinleecaitlynn & mckinlee

bethenie, olivia, and julie (who's due 2 weeks after me :)

connye & tatiana

sara & cynthia

little jojo & his grammy lanell

christy, qwollette, and braely

my grandmother, cady, and peggy

janet & kali

a couple of crowd pictures
and tommorrow, some gift pictures!
thanks for looking!