Wednesday, December 9, 2009

baby shower {part 3}

okay, i promise this is the last post on the baby shower!! we got so many beautiful things for sadie...several gorgeous handmade blankets, precious clothes and shoes, and great practical items too. here are just a few pics of gifts. handmade blanket by jennifer with sadie's name monogrammed on it
little furry coat with blingy buttons

pink fleece outfit with puffer furry vest

a quilt made by my mom that looks just like my favorite quilt when i was little

an adorable swimsuit

sadie's first diamonds from nama (mike's mom)


beautiful black & white damask highchair from susanne

and here are all the gifts in her room!

i've missed showing my belly shots the last 2 weeks, so here is 32 weeks...

and here is 33 weeks!

i'm getting to the stage where i'm really ready to deliver her and meet her! but i have loved every second of being pregnant...only 6 weeks left!


  1. It was so beautiful! Love the pictures and the pretty happy faces! Our Sadie is growing!!! I'm so anxious to see our little girl.

  2. all those beautiful gifts! it was so pretty and i can't wait to see sadie with all her goodies!

  3. I've been behind on my blog reading and am just getting caught up with you. What wonderful and thoughtful gifts for little Sadie! (and you!)

    You look absolutely beautiful as always!

    Lots of love!

  4. You look so adorable! What great, great gifts! Isn't it so fun just looking over them...again and again? :) And soon you'll be using them all! Yeah!

    And do I spy a velour lounge set? LoVe! I'm wearing one as I type!

  5. Ok so where was I when you opened the diamonds!!!?!?!??! I TOTALLY missed that! How does this mean you are getting her ears pierced when she's a baby? lol

  6. thanks for all the sweet comments!! it was a fun day...
    and yes, i'm loving the velour track suit. i could wear it every day ;)
    and i'm thinking i'll get her ears pierced when she's about 6 months old (at her pediatrician's)...that way she's not tiny, but not too old to remember it!

  7. What beautiful gifts. How fun & special that we got to do this for you!