Saturday, December 26, 2009

tale of the sweater

do you remember this sweater? this was my shower sweater that i loved for months and finally bought at anthro for full price since it was for a special occasion. keep in mind that i was wearing this sweater as i tell my tale...
tonight was our annual pioneer (full time minister) dinner for our congregation. they enjoy an encouraging talk, and then we prepare dinner and dessert for them. tonight it was lasagna, salad, breadsticks, with cheesecake and german chocolate cake for dessert. i was assigned to bring the german chocolate cake which i brought on a cute rectangular glass tray (i didn't put any cover or foil on it because i didn't want to mess up the icing)
there was half of the cake left over after the dinner, so i took it with us when we left, because we're having friends over for a turkey dinner tommorrow night, and i thought could finish the cake then. still with no cover or foil over it.
on the way home, we had to return a movie at redbox at our walgreen's, so mike went into walgreen's to get butter and turkey gravy-cause you can't have a turkey without gravy right?!
all this time i had been holding the cake tray on my lap, but i put it on the dash of his truck for a minute. when he got back in, i took the bag of 3 cans of gravy and butter, and he was in the process of telling me what a great deal he got on the gravy, when he puts the truck into reverse and the ENTIRE TRAY OF CAKE GOES FLYING INTO MY LAP. this is not pretty people...coconut and chocolate all over my favorite black leggings, my tall black boots, my only maternity coat mom bought me, and my GREEN SWEATER. i try to catch it too late, so now i am covered in chocolate and smearing it on the seat of his truck. i was so tempted to take some of the chocolate and dab it on his perfectly clean shirt and slacks, but i restrained myself. although i did dip my finger in it and smeared it good naturedly (of course) all over his cheek (it made me feel a little better. ha!)
so as we speak my beautiful sweater is being gentle cycled in 30* celsius water, and i am praying the chocolate comes out.
the only thing to not get a spot of chocolate on it?
my $10 old navy tank.
go figure.


  1. Oh, I love that sweater! I bet your husband feels bad...enough to get you another from Anthro! :)

  2. oh my goodness! what a tale--so sorry it had to happen to that beautiful sweater! hopefully you got it all cleaned up.

  3. Oh no! I hope it all comes out!

  4. What a tragic incident! Sure hope that beautiful sweater comes clean!!! It was delicious!