Sunday, December 6, 2009

a great afternoon!

yesterday afternoon was sadie's baby shower! i am overwhelmed with everyone's generosity and love! it was decorated so beautifully, the food was delicious, and this little princess got so many precious things...
i'll be posting pictures from the shower this week!


  1. Wow! Can't wait to see the pics. I love the nickname Sadie Belle. That is so, so sweet!

  2. Oh....look at all of those pretty gifts! Yeah! Oh, girlie, the best is yet to come! What an exciting time for your husband and you!

    And thanks a MILLION on your decor suggestions! Oh my amazing! I'm going with much of your "look". Black table, white slipcovered parsons chairs, seagrass looking rug and fun lighting. Now we just have to set a budget. Boo! :) Your detailed suggestions are super! My husband, Jon, and I were checking out everything online! :)

  3. How much fun did you have opening all of those gifts?! I remember looking at everything over & over...The shower looked so nice! Enjoy every moment. My sweet little girl is 2.5 and each day is so special. Every stage is wonderful! Merry Christmas!