Thursday, December 10, 2009


baby it's cold outside!
i have been doing a lot of this lately...drinking hot cocoa
staying snuggly warm in my uggs

and wearing fun hats!
what do you do when it's freezing outside??

this is just a random fun pic i took at anthro...i love all the letters displayed!
**baby sadie update**we went for my 34 week appt. today and i've gained 23 pounds and her heart rate was 143. dr. b estimates that she weighs a little over 5 pounds.


  1. I lov the Anthro letters. My friend and I were just talking and we both agreed that there isn't ANYTHING at Anthro that we don't like. Love that store!

    Your "stay warm" list sounds great! I've been enjoying Candy Cane cocoa, my Uggs and some fun, WARM hats! When I was younger I wouldn't be caught dead in hats, but now...I hope I'm a chic mama! :)

    The countdown is on girlie! Yippie!

  2. YAY!!! only 6 more weeks! Can't wait. Sounds like mommy and baby are doing good.

  3. i light a fire and read a good book snuggled up in my big chair. lately i also am constantly wearing my cozy slippers socks infused with shea butter that i got at bath and body!

  4. I so wish it was cold here...I drink hot chocolate even in the 88 degree heat. Ah ha ha