Thursday, December 24, 2009

funny pics

yesterday. susanne took some pictures of mom and i for real estate (we are going to be a sales team again, like we were in the woodlands)...we needed a new picture for advertising, so she took several for us. mom looked great, but really, how is it possible for me to look good and professional when i am 3 weeks away from giving birth?! maybe not the perfect timing, so we may try again after sadie is born ;)
but here is one of us being silly... belly shot-hehe!
and little cuties lauren and mckinlee

then we went to the olive branch for lunch and spice to buy jewelry. the girls got some of the cutest rings and earrings inside spice at a store called posh, where everything is $2.
oh and just so you know how crazy texas weather is...yesterday it was 70 degrees and humid and now it is SNOWING!

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  1. What a team we will make!!! We will get better pics soon...maybe I will have decent looking eyes by then!

    We had so much fun!