Thursday, July 21, 2011

18 months

my sweet sadie isabella is 18 months old! i cannot believe it!

she is the happiest, sweetest toddler i could ever ask for and i love her so so much.
here are a few things to know about sadie at 18 months:

-she is 34 1/4 inches tall and weighs 29 pounds! big girl!
-she talks all day long and amazes us with her vocabulary...she's making sentences, the longest so far is "uh oh mama, coopy's barking."
-she wears 24 month clothes and size 6 shoes
-she still loves to watch dora and diego, but is really into max & ruby right now
-she loves the disney princesses and can name all of them. snow white is still her fav!
-she sings the snow white song (from when she's standing at the's called One Song..the cutest thing ever!)
-sadie can count to 11 and say most of her abc's
-when i walk out of her room at night, she'll either say "bye mama" or "sweet dreams"
-she loves to eat most anything, but is not loving milk so much. i have to put juice in her milk to get her to drink it or give her vanilla soy milk.
-her new favorite thing to do is play tea party
-she is so aware of others and how they are feeling...she says "i sorry mama" if she's been naughty and says "please" and "thank you" at the right times
-she loves going the pool which she calls the "swimming cool"
-she loves her puppies cooper and henry and likes to go see them outside

we are so thrilled to be her parents and cherish every day of her precious life!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

yay for days off!

mike had five glorious days off of work this past week and we made the most of it!! saturday we had a rare and wonderful date night...chuy's for dinner-i got the chuy's enchilada special with the cream tomatillo sauce (very important) and mike got his old faithful chicken salad. both were so yummy and i've been craving it ever since. then we went to a movie. like a real movie in a movie theater. and guess what we saw? a kid's movie! well not a cartoon but we saw monte carlo with selena gomez and it was so good! here we are before our date night...and we had lots of fun play time with daddy. this picture cracks me up-first because mike is wearing sadie's minnie ears and second, because she looks like she would rather be anywhere than posing for a pic!
sunday night we had some friends over and grilled burgers, then monday night we had the best dinner! i got crab cakes from heb but made a homemade remoulade sauce-divine. and paula deen's shells and cheese with bacon, roasted asparagus, and juicy filets wrapped in bacon. (didn't get the steaks in the picture but they were so good)
poor miss sadie has been battling an upset stomach for 10 days now...i will not go into details but it has been messy around here! her tests came back negative for bacteria or parasites so i guess it's some sort of virus, but it's still making me worried. today we loaded up on probiotics and children's pepto. hopefully it will help! in this pic she's showing me the answer to "how much do you love mama?" she does her arms out big and says "this" for "this much." sweetie pie!
and here she is today before going to hobby lobby and home depot...i thought she looked so cute! and she insists on carrying a real lemon around with her everywhere. ha!
i'm about to start a little project involving paint and a rooster and a clock. want to know what it is?

nope. you'll just have to wait and see.