Thursday, June 30, 2011

this is vacation

we were supposed to be on vacation this past week. seagrove beach, florida. gorgeous condo right on the water. THIRTEEN HOUR DRIVE. we (and by 'we' i mean mostly 'i') decided that a long road trip with a mama who gets carsick and a 17 month old who doesn't like to sit in her carseat over 2 hours at the most, was simply not a great idea. so we (i) decided to postpone the trip (until she's 5 ;) and go for a couple of days vacation to the gaylord texan resort. then 'we' decided to forget that and mike and i would just do our trip to florida in august and let sadie stay with my mom and sister. then 'we' decided that 'we' couldn't be that far away from my baby for 6 whole days, so 'we' rebooked the gaylord for today. then miss sadie belle got an upset tummy last night, so the trip was off once again. so 'we' rebooked the gaylord for august for just mike and vacation changing plans count=5.
i think i'm tired and still haven't gone ANYWHERE!

but you know what? it's okay. because vacation to me is spending time with the people i love. and i did that today-so technically, i guess we ARE on vacation.

my two favorite people and i spent some fun time at the pool today...

happy weekend!

p.s. i'm reading my 'vacation' book, the help, right now and can hardly put it down!! so good. have you read it?

Monday, June 27, 2011

summer schedule and museum

hi! are you having a great summer so far? we are! i was inspired by this post at sunny side up and thought i would share our summer schedule with you...i love to see how people spend their days, so i thought you might want to see how we spend ours (if not-just scroll down to the pics at the end ;)

7-8 am wake up, let sadie play in her crib while i get dressed, do Bible reading, and make breakfast

8:30-9:30 breakfast and cartoons-usually dora, diego, or max & ruby

10- lunch run errands/out of the house activites
monday-buy groceries
tuesday-volunteer ministry
wednesday-story time at the library
thursdays are my day off and sadie's day to stay with nana!

1-2:30 sadie's naptime, which is my time to straighten up the house, watch tv, read, or waste time on the internet...sadly the last option is the most frequent!

2:30-3:30 playtime, reading time, or outdoor time if it's not blazing hot

3:30-4:30 sadie's snack and cartoons...this is my happy hour-not where i sip on a half price margarita although that sounds pretty good-but i can do my daily cleaning chores, get laundry done, have a snack myself, and prepare for dinner...
sadie sits in her play yard + i'm not chasing a toddler around=happy mama

4:30-5:30 cook dinner while sadie plays in the kitchen

5:30-7 eat dinner, then sadie and daddy go outside for their special time each day. they water the plants, pick veggies from the garden, and she usually comes in soaking wet from running through the sprinkler

7-8 bathtime, sadie drinks her milk and is in bed by 8

8-whenever workout or run, shower, personal Bible study, watch tv or talk to mike and sleep!

i thrive on a schedule!! when sadie was tiny i kept asking my sister "when will i have a schedule again?" it was so hard for me because i'm such a planner...but now sadie and i have a great schedule worked out that makes us both happy. and of course, some days or weeks the day doesn't go exactly that way or she sleeps late or wakes up earlier and everything adjusts, but at least i have a plan! are you that way? or do you like to "go with the flow" in the summer?

now on to museum pics...we went the mayborn museum on the baylor campus on friday and had a lot of fun! they have a lost egypt exhibit right now which was really cool (i love anything about egypt or egyptian history). sadie liked sitting on the fake camel the best! then we went to the regular part of the museum that has interactive toys and games...

my hair is dark again...what do you think?
loved her expression here
driving the school bus
happy monday!

Friday, June 17, 2011

fun (hot) friday

sadie and i spent the day at home today getting caught up on laundry and just enjoying being home...over the last two weeks, we've been so busy-it was really nice to just relax at home!

this is what my closet has been looking like for several days...shocking for me, since you all know my love of organization :) so i had to document how bad it was before hanging all these clothes up! (they were all clean clothes by the way, just not hung up)
and our garage has been bothering me for months, but i had never got around to organizing today was the day...these are the after pictures, didn't want to bore you with messy 'before' pics...

our entry door from the garage to the house...with a 3 shelved shoe holder
mike hung up the bikes several weeks ago but there were boxes and junk all along the walls so i cleaned out most everything (translation-threw it in the trash-don't tell mike ;)
this is the dog grooming area plus their crates for when they sleep in the was super disgusting, so i sorted all the stuff and cleaned it up...i feel so much better about the garage now, though i was thinking it would be so nice to paint it a calming color and finish the concrete by having it stained...
after all that hard work, sadie and i had a good lunch! sadie had chicken nuggets, avocado, goldfish, and hawaiian delight. i had this stouffer's chicken floretine pita (not sure of the name?) which was soooo good, but probably not super healthy and a salad with balsamic viniagrette.
then after her nap, it was pool time...or as sadie says the "swimming cool"! she loves the water but wasn't sure what to do with this tiny pool.
splashing around
and getting serious playing with all her toys!
such a nice day! and tonight mike is grilling burgers-the perfect summer meal...happy weekend!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

another week flies by!

i really haven't posted anything in a week?! we've had a busy and fun week with susanne and mckinlee visiting! they went home yesterday and i think sadie is missing them...she says "zizi, mimi" a lot and tonight before bed she was saying "zizi coot (cute) mimi coot"

i love this picture of susanne and sadie. so pretty!
in between trips to the pool, family dinners, and shopping, i had a silpada party friday night...silpada is gorgeous silver jewelry in case you haven't heard of it before...danna is a silpada rep so she brought a bunch of great stuff for us to look at! i ended getting some great jewelry free-can't wait to get it and wear it :)
danna and jennifer
susanne, me, and mckinlee
sadie belle was eating breakfast and watching her shows when i asked her to say hi to the she is waving and smiling!
and before the girls went home yesterday
tomorrow i've got to get my teeth cleaned and have a ton of errands to run while mom watches sadie for me. have a good night!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

what we've been up to...

hi!! i've been a little busy and haven't posted lately, so here it goes...(in list form ;)

  • reading dora books all.the.time-i'm so glad sadie loves to read and you know dora is pretty entertaining i have to say! thanks braely for all the books!
  • visiting her great grandmother's house and playing with the cutest miniature chairs and blocks i'm sure i played with when i was little
  • running again! i made it two miles this night as you can see from my clever little pic.
  • having too much fun with this little girl!! pool time, sprinkler time, eating lots of fruit, trips to target, watering the plants, wearing new summer pjs...i love it all!
  • joining facebook...i finally succumbed to the pressure...i know i'm the last person on earth to do this, but i went for it this week! it's a little addictive, huh?
  • my niece is coming to stay with us for a few days and my sis gets here friday. lots of fun things planned!
  • and i'm having a silpada party friday night! have you ever been to one or bought their jewelry? it's scrumptious!
night night!

Friday, June 3, 2011

jackson's graduation

yesterday my friend, jennifer's son graduated from kindergarten!! i remember the night he was born so clearly, it's hard to believe he's already been in school a year!

sadie and i couldn't make it to the actual graduation, but they had a party for him at a park afterwards, so we went to it.

here's jackson eating his cupcake
his cousin, kaylee and a friend, ari...i love the blue icing everywhere!
phillip just dove in face first! too cute!
jackson opening his presents- i asked my mom "what do i get a 6 year old boy for a present?" i'm only used to buying for baby girls ;)
his little friends were so excited when he opened his presents
stacy with her little boy, evan. he and sadie were born a few weeks apart.
danna and phillip
sadie was fascinated with the cooler...she opened and closed it forever!
her little cheeks get so red when she plays outside
a group pic of the kids
it was sooooo hot!! we only lasted about an hour before heading home. when it's this hot, i either have to be inside or in a pool. and it's only the first of june!

happy weekend!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

what i wore wednesday

well i didn't do very good at taking pictures this week of all my outfits, so i only have two little outfits to share! i'm linking up with lindsey at the pleated poppy...check it out for more fashion inspiration!

running around outfit
white tank-gap
tshirt-j crew
bermudas-old navy
shoes-burlap TOMS
necklace-lisa leonard with some vintage pearl charms
rockin' heart ranch outfit
ruffly top (which was labeled a dress...really?)-spice boutique
earrings and cuff bracelet-spice boutique
jeans-7 for all mankind
thanks for looking!!