Friday, June 3, 2011

jackson's graduation

yesterday my friend, jennifer's son graduated from kindergarten!! i remember the night he was born so clearly, it's hard to believe he's already been in school a year!

sadie and i couldn't make it to the actual graduation, but they had a party for him at a park afterwards, so we went to it.

here's jackson eating his cupcake
his cousin, kaylee and a friend, ari...i love the blue icing everywhere!
phillip just dove in face first! too cute!
jackson opening his presents- i asked my mom "what do i get a 6 year old boy for a present?" i'm only used to buying for baby girls ;)
his little friends were so excited when he opened his presents
stacy with her little boy, evan. he and sadie were born a few weeks apart.
danna and phillip
sadie was fascinated with the cooler...she opened and closed it forever!
her little cheeks get so red when she plays outside
a group pic of the kids
it was sooooo hot!! we only lasted about an hour before heading home. when it's this hot, i either have to be inside or in a pool. and it's only the first of june!

happy weekend!

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  1. how fun--i can't believe how big all of those kids are now! the pic of you & sadie is darling! and i love the one with her and all the kids.