Thursday, June 30, 2011

this is vacation

we were supposed to be on vacation this past week. seagrove beach, florida. gorgeous condo right on the water. THIRTEEN HOUR DRIVE. we (and by 'we' i mean mostly 'i') decided that a long road trip with a mama who gets carsick and a 17 month old who doesn't like to sit in her carseat over 2 hours at the most, was simply not a great idea. so we (i) decided to postpone the trip (until she's 5 ;) and go for a couple of days vacation to the gaylord texan resort. then 'we' decided to forget that and mike and i would just do our trip to florida in august and let sadie stay with my mom and sister. then 'we' decided that 'we' couldn't be that far away from my baby for 6 whole days, so 'we' rebooked the gaylord for today. then miss sadie belle got an upset tummy last night, so the trip was off once again. so 'we' rebooked the gaylord for august for just mike and vacation changing plans count=5.
i think i'm tired and still haven't gone ANYWHERE!

but you know what? it's okay. because vacation to me is spending time with the people i love. and i did that today-so technically, i guess we ARE on vacation.

my two favorite people and i spent some fun time at the pool today...

happy weekend!

p.s. i'm reading my 'vacation' book, the help, right now and can hardly put it down!! so good. have you read it?


  1. I think I finally figured out how to post a comment! Woohoo! I have read the help and loved it!

  2. I hear ya!
    We no longer call vacations a "vacation", because when you are traveling with kids, that is called a "family trip". The word vacation implies relaxing and laying out, and maybe a cocktail or two and a nap... with kids...not gonna happen... so to amke sure we have no unrealistic expectations we now call it a family trip. :)

    You look great. Love your cover up!

  3. I just read The Help, too! Loved it so much! I used to live in Jackson, so it was interesting reading it from that perspective.

  4. anytime off together when you are not working is a vacation. You can have one in your own backyard! Im reading the help it's so good can't wait to see the movie!