Friday, June 17, 2011

fun (hot) friday

sadie and i spent the day at home today getting caught up on laundry and just enjoying being home...over the last two weeks, we've been so busy-it was really nice to just relax at home!

this is what my closet has been looking like for several days...shocking for me, since you all know my love of organization :) so i had to document how bad it was before hanging all these clothes up! (they were all clean clothes by the way, just not hung up)
and our garage has been bothering me for months, but i had never got around to organizing today was the day...these are the after pictures, didn't want to bore you with messy 'before' pics...

our entry door from the garage to the house...with a 3 shelved shoe holder
mike hung up the bikes several weeks ago but there were boxes and junk all along the walls so i cleaned out most everything (translation-threw it in the trash-don't tell mike ;)
this is the dog grooming area plus their crates for when they sleep in the was super disgusting, so i sorted all the stuff and cleaned it up...i feel so much better about the garage now, though i was thinking it would be so nice to paint it a calming color and finish the concrete by having it stained...
after all that hard work, sadie and i had a good lunch! sadie had chicken nuggets, avocado, goldfish, and hawaiian delight. i had this stouffer's chicken floretine pita (not sure of the name?) which was soooo good, but probably not super healthy and a salad with balsamic viniagrette.
then after her nap, it was pool time...or as sadie says the "swimming cool"! she loves the water but wasn't sure what to do with this tiny pool.
splashing around
and getting serious playing with all her toys!
such a nice day! and tonight mike is grilling burgers-the perfect summer meal...happy weekend!

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  1. how busy you've been--good for you. love the pictures of sadie in her cool!