Sunday, November 29, 2009

sad news

i'm going to be taking a little break from blogging for a few days...we have had a death in the family.
we are feeling comfort from God's holy spirit and our wonderful family and friends.
enjoy your week, and i'll be back soon.

Friday, November 27, 2009

relax relax

we have had such a relaxing couple of game, italian dinner, and a movie in our pjs...just perfect!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

a few things i'm missing

an ice cold coke

a fitted blouse

skinny jeans

v. sattui sauvignon blanc
what makes it all worth it and more...

we had our 32 week appointment today. i've gained 21 pounds and sadie's heart rate was 152. everything looks great. she's just gotta keep growing a few more weeks, and then we get to meet her!

Monday, November 23, 2009

hello monday!

hi hi! how was everyone's weekend? we had a pretty low key weekend. saturday and sunday nights we watched movies. and we visited another congregation yesterday because mike gave the sunday's called 'gaining comfort in all your tribulations' and though i've probably heard it 30 times (not kidding), i still love it!

my scrapbook room was looking like a mess, so i organized it yesterday. and this little shelf was just holding a bunch of junk, so i organized it and put some fun stuff out on display!
and we found a distressed bookshelf at spice for sadie's room, so i filled it with books and pictures and some other cute things...but i really want it more distressed/stained/painted. i thought i could tea stain it like the kitchen cabinets in our last house, and mike said we could take the back off and paint it green or something. any ideas?
and we finally found sadie's hospital picture/going home outfit. it's a precious little ralph lauren gown...i just loved it! so tiny!

this morning, our girls' breakfast at olive branch turned into a mom/daughter breakfast, which was really fun! we laughed so hard and our moms shared their delivery stories with us. then our moms were trying to take pictures of jen and i but could not figure out how to use our cameras, so we got a little loud and rowdy in the restaurant! hehe! i bet they were glad to see us leave ;)
i got the american breakfast...wheat toast, eggs, sausage, bacon, and breakfast potatoes, and i ate it all!! (so much for only gaining 19 pounds so far, right?!)

it was a fun morning, and it's a beautiful day here. hope you're having a great monday!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

dinner@ poppa rollo's

pappa rollo's is like a waco's this old restaurant that has the best pizza you will ever eat in your life. friday night, there was a party for kevin and sonya elliott in the poppa rollo's party room. kevin and sonya lived here until about 3 years ago when they got their assignment to be traveling ministers in nevada and utah. we miss them so much but it was great to see them again! kevin and his former band played some really good music!

this is the large special's what we always order, and i can't even explain in words how good it is! (so good that i've been eating leftovers the entire weekend ;)

mom and joy dickerson

kathy and derrick rosas (and bryce trying to sneak in the picture)

cady richardson and i

the youngs, linda meeks, and becky lewis

and my new leggings i got at spice for $7! i named them my jailbird leggings...but they looked cute with my bright pink top.

my 31 week picture!! 9 to go...

Friday, November 20, 2009

show us your life~dogs....and a little trip to salado

it's show us your life day on kelly's korner for pets! i haven't participated in awhile, so i thought i would today! especially since we love our little pets so much ;)
this was our sweet buffy, a japanese chin, with so much personality...she acted just like a person (i think she thought she was a person. hehe!) she got very sick last year, and we sadly had to put her to sleep, but we have so many fun memories with her. since i knew buffy was getting older and wouldn't be around forever, i surprised mike with two cocker spaniel puppies 2 years ago...when i say surprised, i don't mean it was one of those sweet moments like 'here's a box with a bow on it and the puppies jump out and everyone is happy and hugging'. it was more like 'danielle, how could you do this without asking me...i'm going to stay upset with you for 6 months over this!' but now, these dogs are 'his boys' and he loves them so much. see i knew what i was doing {wink}
so our black cocker spaniel is named cooper, and he is a mess! he loves to snuggle and jump up in your lap like he's still a puppy. he is the protector of our yard and most curious too. he acts so tough, but is the gentler of the two dogs. i think he finds naughty things to do and gets henry to go along with him, whether it's digging random holes in our yard or digging up every single flower we've ever planted in our backyard!
our chocolate and white cocker spaniel is henry...what a personality he has! he loves his little daily routine and LOVES to fetch. i think he would fetch all day long if he could. he is more timid than cooper, but is more likely to nip at people if he feels threatened. he is only a morning snuggler...the rest of the day he's too busy playing with toys!

yesterday, my mom and i went to the cutest little town between here and austin called salado. it's filled with antique stores, home and gift stores, and cute cafes. i've been wanting to go there for an afternoon before i'm too big to go anywhere, so yesterday we spent a few hours there.

i'm sitting on a porch of a precious store called has all kinds of great stuff for your home.

here's mom by the front door. isn't her vest from anthro so adorable?!

and next to the big store, there's this barn called horsefeathers, too! i love red barns and especially this one because it's a miniature one.

as we were driving down the street, we saw this display of old bicycles on a fence. how cool!

it was a fun afternoon! i can't wait to bring little sadie here next summer...there's a creek running through the middle of town that will be a great background for some summer pics!

happy weekend!

Thursday, November 19, 2009


i was inspired by susanne's post to mention a few things i'm thankful for today... this beautiful tree in our neighborhood...the color of the leaves is gorgeous

our little lake with walking trails

my sweet hubs, who last night as i was waddling to our car after the meeting, said ''you still don't look pregnant from the back'! thank you honey!

coffee...not every day, but a couple of mornings a week. it's tastes so good with pumpkin spice creamer.

a peaceful night's sleep in my bed, with no barking dog, and getting up only twice to go to the bathroom!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


i like to sleep. maybe not as much as our little boys here (aren't they cute?) but i am a sleeper. 8 or 9 hours a night is my usual amount of sleep.

so what is it about impending motherhood that suddenly makes you stop sleeping? i have memories of my mom whistling around the house at 6 in the morning, makeup on, breakfast cooking, and coming to wake me up saying, "up and at 'em" in the most cheerful voice. i have many times thought i could never be like her, so happy and alert in the morning. these thoughts passed through my mind at 6:20 this morning as i was making the bed, opening all our shutters, and filing my nails (why i need to file my nails at daybreak is beyond me).

and it's not because i was well rested. our neighbor's dog-for the 6th time in 3 weeks-kept us up until 1:45 am with his incessant barking, so i definitely did not get enough sleep, but maybe my body is getting ready to exist on very little rest. i know i probably won't see 8 hours of sleep again until about 2015! so all of you out there who slept well last night...good for you (yawn ;)

changing the subject now...yesterday mike and i went to the olive branch for lunch. it's a yummy little cafe with the best cream of potato soup. and since my 30 week picture was so yucky (see previous post), we took another one.

after lunch, we went to spice to get some gifts. i'm always talking about spice on this blog, so i thought i would take a pic of it, so those of you who haven't been there can visualize it. it's a group of old warehouses that have been redone and filled with wonderful things like furniture, gifts, and clothes.

and i just love their gift wrapping. they can do whatever colors you want for like $2 or $3...the little gift was for a friend who's having her baby boy in 2 weeks and the bigger gift is for my cousin's anniversary.

and here is the most wonderful little shop of vintage's called bloom and bee swanky. isn't that a cute name? i love that our little town is getting such cute places to shop!

happy wednesday to you!