Tuesday, November 10, 2009

do you like quiche?

i love it. it's the perfect breakfast/brunch meal and it can be great at dinner too.
here is my menu for this week:
monday-chicken and dressing casserole, garlic green beans
tuesday-spinach and bacon quiche, mixed greens salad
wednesday-homemade chili, cornbread muffins
saturday-eat out
tommorrow mike is off work (bank holiday for veterans day), so i am planning a surprise picnic lunch for us...i'm making chicken salad sandwiches and we received a goody basket from his sister and bro-in-law with sparkling cider, foccacia crisps, cheese spread, roasted almonds, and choc. chip cookies, so we'll eat that too. we have a little lake in our neighborhood with picnic tables around it, so i thought it would be a perfect spot to have our picnic!
this afternoon, i'm working on a little project for sadie's bathroom and trying to finish our wedding album, so hopefully tommorrow i'll have lots of great pics to share.
enjoy your day...


  1. what a wonderful day! sounds so romantic~
    your menu sounds great! what is chicken and dressing casserole?

  2. thanks! i just salt and pepper chicken tenders, then pour cream of mushroom soup on top and bake. then i make stove top stuffing and when the chicken has about 5 minutes left to bake, i put the stuffing on top of the chicken/soup mixture, top with parmesan, and bake for a few minutes...it's really yummy and easy!

    i forgot to ask...what did you end up getting tim & kali?

  3. What a cute idea! A romantic picnic--I may sneak over and take pictures! (not really) Like your menu too!

  4. i will have to try the chicken casserole.
    i ended up getting kali that collection of round mirrors i was telling you about.

  5. Yes, I love quiche! It is one of my faves! I actually bought stuff to make a low fat quiche this week, but your recipe sounds so much better!