Thursday, November 12, 2009


before: after:
we have had so much fun doing the room for sadie belle! it's just about finished, although there are a few little things i still want to get... i wanted to the room to be cheerful with a little bit of a vintage feel, so i used some things i already had mixed with her new stuff. the table beside the crib was mike's grandmother's and i stacked some children's books from my childhood on the table. the dress form i had in my scrapbook room, but thought it looked cute in here. and the iron candle holder on the wall i've had for years. i got it at an antique show!

we love her mobile! handmade from pink perch on etsy and it plays "twinkle twinkle" or as mckinlee used to say "twinker twinker little tar" ;)

this is the rocking chair my dad and sister put together before i was born, we had it's one of the most special things in the room to me!

here is the view from her crib looking across the room. the precious lamp lyndsay found for me at hobby lobby. the quote frame i got at spice, and her little diaper container i found at bed bath & beyond.

we put up her vintage french alphabet cards. it adds so much to the room. and when she's older, she can sit in her crib and learn french. hehe!

this chandelier hung in our master of our last house. i wanted to bring something from that house to this house and it goes just perfectly in a girly room, no?!

and sadie's closet. i'm trying to hold myself back from buying clothes and things until after our baby shower, but it's so hard. there are just too many cute things to buy!
i hope you enjoyed her little nursery tour...
in other news, our lunch picnic was so much fun. i've tried to upload the pics 4 times and it wouldn't let me, sorry you don't get to see the pics.
and we had our 30 week appt. which went really well. i've gained 19 pounds so far, so if i keep up with gaining 1 pound a week, i'll stay under 30 (which is my goal)
and we're going to learn how to birth this baby this weekend, so i'll be back sunday to share my thoughts on childbirth classes!
happy weekend!


  1. Sadie's room is darling. I hope you're happy with your bedding choice. I think that bedding really adds to the vintage cute feel of the room.

  2. Absolutely beautiful! I love the "vintage" with the sparkle! I think it is so neat that you are using items from your, so special!

    I cannot wait to hear about your child classes. We actually got "the look" from our instructor b/c we were giggling like little kids! :(

  3. it is SO SO beautiful! she will love growing up in that room! (twinker, seems like mckinlee was just saying that and now here she is wearing a bra! what? how did that happen???? heehee!)

  4. Danielle, I love it! The room is absolutely perfect for a little girl.

    I love the fact you have the rocking chair your dad and Susanne put together and the other things from your past!

    Everything is beautiful!

  5. The room is BEAUTIFUL! The chair turned out really good. Now Jason & Sadie can speak French to each other....haha! Now the countdown begins to D-Day. So exciting!

    And Susanne, I'm sure McKinlee will not be too happy when she reads your comment. hahaha

  6. The nursery is so gorgeous. You did a wonderful job. I love the pink and green. Every little accessory is just perfect and sweet.