Wednesday, November 18, 2009


i like to sleep. maybe not as much as our little boys here (aren't they cute?) but i am a sleeper. 8 or 9 hours a night is my usual amount of sleep.

so what is it about impending motherhood that suddenly makes you stop sleeping? i have memories of my mom whistling around the house at 6 in the morning, makeup on, breakfast cooking, and coming to wake me up saying, "up and at 'em" in the most cheerful voice. i have many times thought i could never be like her, so happy and alert in the morning. these thoughts passed through my mind at 6:20 this morning as i was making the bed, opening all our shutters, and filing my nails (why i need to file my nails at daybreak is beyond me).

and it's not because i was well rested. our neighbor's dog-for the 6th time in 3 weeks-kept us up until 1:45 am with his incessant barking, so i definitely did not get enough sleep, but maybe my body is getting ready to exist on very little rest. i know i probably won't see 8 hours of sleep again until about 2015! so all of you out there who slept well last night...good for you (yawn ;)

changing the subject now...yesterday mike and i went to the olive branch for lunch. it's a yummy little cafe with the best cream of potato soup. and since my 30 week picture was so yucky (see previous post), we took another one.

after lunch, we went to spice to get some gifts. i'm always talking about spice on this blog, so i thought i would take a pic of it, so those of you who haven't been there can visualize it. it's a group of old warehouses that have been redone and filled with wonderful things like furniture, gifts, and clothes.

and i just love their gift wrapping. they can do whatever colors you want for like $2 or $3...the little gift was for a friend who's having her baby boy in 2 weeks and the bigger gift is for my cousin's anniversary.

and here is the most wonderful little shop of vintage's called bloom and bee swanky. isn't that a cute name? i love that our little town is getting such cute places to shop!

happy wednesday to you!


  1. look at you up early~~getting ready for those red-eye nights (or mornings!) i didn't think your 30 week picture looked bad at all, but this picture of you in the hat is the cutest one ever!
    i cannot wait to come to that new store. it totally reminds me of smitten. how neat! who is having a baby in 2 weeks?

  2. Am I surprised?! Both of my girls up so early and able to be so entertaining! My, you may turn into your Mother!!! No, it's the excitement of a impending new life! I'm getting ready to exercise so just think what you have to look forward to at my age! Love you and can't wait to go to Bloom and Be Swanky. Thanks for the pretty music...

  3. Your family (furry babies) and you are too adorable! Cuties! And those stores looks so wonderful! I bet it is fantastic to spend time in such fun and creative stores! I love you thoughts about sleep. I always am wishing to take a little cat nap, but I always find something else to do. I wake when I hear a pin drop and will never get a full night's sleep again. Oh well, more hours to enjoy! :)

  4. Oh Yawn! Hope you get a better nights sleep tonight. Love your 30 week pic, you are adorable!