Friday, November 20, 2009

show us your life~dogs....and a little trip to salado

it's show us your life day on kelly's korner for pets! i haven't participated in awhile, so i thought i would today! especially since we love our little pets so much ;)
this was our sweet buffy, a japanese chin, with so much personality...she acted just like a person (i think she thought she was a person. hehe!) she got very sick last year, and we sadly had to put her to sleep, but we have so many fun memories with her. since i knew buffy was getting older and wouldn't be around forever, i surprised mike with two cocker spaniel puppies 2 years ago...when i say surprised, i don't mean it was one of those sweet moments like 'here's a box with a bow on it and the puppies jump out and everyone is happy and hugging'. it was more like 'danielle, how could you do this without asking me...i'm going to stay upset with you for 6 months over this!' but now, these dogs are 'his boys' and he loves them so much. see i knew what i was doing {wink}
so our black cocker spaniel is named cooper, and he is a mess! he loves to snuggle and jump up in your lap like he's still a puppy. he is the protector of our yard and most curious too. he acts so tough, but is the gentler of the two dogs. i think he finds naughty things to do and gets henry to go along with him, whether it's digging random holes in our yard or digging up every single flower we've ever planted in our backyard!
our chocolate and white cocker spaniel is henry...what a personality he has! he loves his little daily routine and LOVES to fetch. i think he would fetch all day long if he could. he is more timid than cooper, but is more likely to nip at people if he feels threatened. he is only a morning snuggler...the rest of the day he's too busy playing with toys!

yesterday, my mom and i went to the cutest little town between here and austin called salado. it's filled with antique stores, home and gift stores, and cute cafes. i've been wanting to go there for an afternoon before i'm too big to go anywhere, so yesterday we spent a few hours there.

i'm sitting on a porch of a precious store called has all kinds of great stuff for your home.

here's mom by the front door. isn't her vest from anthro so adorable?!

and next to the big store, there's this barn called horsefeathers, too! i love red barns and especially this one because it's a miniature one.

as we were driving down the street, we saw this display of old bicycles on a fence. how cool!

it was a fun afternoon! i can't wait to bring little sadie here next summer...there's a creek running through the middle of town that will be a great background for some summer pics!

happy weekend!


  1. Your furry babies are all adorable! I love your story about surprising your husband with 2 dogs! :)

    Your shopping trip looks grand! I'm so jealous that your mom and you are still wearing flip flops in November! I can only dream! You all look so beautiful!

  2. so funny about your "surprise"! i guess i never knew he was so upset (but look how much he loves them now!)looks like you had a fun time yesterday~~it was such beautiful weather! i won't dare show this post to mckinlee--she would start bawling over buffy!

  3. I love Salado. I used to love going shopping there with my mom! You and Susan both look absolutely beautiful as always! Cherish the times you get to spend together!

    Your puppies are adorable! I just love them! It's funny your husband was upset at first. Jamie had the same reaction when I suggested getting our dog, Bowie. Now, they're great buddies! :)

  4. Oh my goodness! I nearly cried..I miss Buffy so much! But those "boys" are so cute and full of described them precisely!
    You would never know how much Mike was upset the way he loves them now!!!

    Thanks for such a fun day with you!