Thursday, November 19, 2009


i was inspired by susanne's post to mention a few things i'm thankful for today... this beautiful tree in our neighborhood...the color of the leaves is gorgeous

our little lake with walking trails

my sweet hubs, who last night as i was waddling to our car after the meeting, said ''you still don't look pregnant from the back'! thank you honey!

coffee...not every day, but a couple of mornings a week. it's tastes so good with pumpkin spice creamer.

a peaceful night's sleep in my bed, with no barking dog, and getting up only twice to go to the bathroom!


  1. love all your "thankfulness"! also love your blog couture and your playlist (i may have to steal some of those songs--you picked some good ones!)

  2. How sweet! Love the music and love your appreciation! Good positive thoughts!!!

  3. Oh, I just love these songs. So many of them I have loved but never knew the names, now I do. I just love letting them play in the background. So relaxing. I need to make a CD of these and some more like it. Thanks