Wednesday, November 11, 2009

projects and 29 weeks

hooray! i finally finished my wedding album...let's not mention the fact that it took me until our 7th anniversary to do so {wink wink}
just click on the pics to see the pages better...

and remember the store i told we went to in mckinney called smitten? they had these adorable letters covered in vintage paper with german glass glitter all along the edges and were priced at $22 a piece i think. well i bought myself some glass glitter there for $3 and a chipboard letter at hobby lobby for $1.77 and made it! i hung it on sadie's bathroom wall...isn't it cute?!

here i am at 29.5 weeks. only 10 to go?! wow!


  1. Beautiful scrapbook! Ohhhh, glass glitter. Isn't it just great? Wendy Addison has some amazing pieces using glass glitter. I've been wanting to try it out. Your letter looks great!

  2. your wedding book turned out BEAUTIFUL!!! you have inspired me to do my wedding. your 's' is wonderful--what did you attach the glitter with?

  3. thanks for the sweet comments! love glass glitter now:) i attached it with wide tacky tape.