Wednesday, November 4, 2009

28 weeks

i'm posting my 28 week pic a little late!
sadie weighs around 2 1/2 pounds and is 15-16 inches long...she can blink now and her movements are becoming much stronger and are starting to hurt me a little (but i don't mind at all ;)
i'm trying to get in mind what i'll take to the hospital for my hospital gown, cute slippers, aromatherapy lotion, my burt's bee pomegranate lip balm, lollipops, and snacks for mike. is there anything you moms didn't take that you wish you had?
yesterday, after cleaning most of my house, i went to kali's new house to help decorate and get things ready for her housewarming on saturday...her house is SO looks like a magazine! they have completely redone most of the house themselves, and with the help of family and friends. i'll take lots of pics and share them with you after the party.
and mom and i are hoping to go to the symphony on thursday. it's a tribute to the beatles (love their music) and jen and her mom are going so we thought we'd make it a girls' night!
have a great wednedsay!


  1. Wow our baby Sadie is growing...actually my baby Danielle is too! When you were born I remember taking snacks, a focal picture and those little suggested goodies and I don't think we had time to use any of them!!! Hope your experience is similar! Just remember to take a smile!

  2. you look so cute! i can't remember what i took, but i didn't have time to get anything out of my bag! maybe some soothing sounds music if you like that sort of thing?

  3. Happy 28 weeks! For each hospital stay, I bought a few inexpensive (Old Navy), velor (I had winter babies.) track suits. They weren't even maternity...drawstring pants and zip up hoodie (for nursing and for Dr. checks...They check you ALL THE TIME). They were very cozy and it was nice to not have to worry about covering up when guests came to visit! ;) Oh, also cheap flip flops for the shower and walking around (if you do not want to get your slippers dirty.) :)

  4. I wished SO much that I had brought my boppy pillow. It's sort of a big thing to bring, but it would have been worth it. When I first started nursing, I had to pile about 10 horrible, thin hospital pillows up around me. A boppy would have been so much simpler. Also, for some reason, at our hospital, they didn't give the infants pacifiers. I wish I had brought some of the round infant soothie pacifiers.
    So fun:-)

  5. I had a small, very soft stuffed lion. It was actually for Jackson, but it fit so perfectly in my hand. It was really little and I could twist it, squeeze or whatever I needed. It helped when I wanted to sqeeze something really hard and was afraid I would break Jason's hand. lol

    I definetly agree with bringing the boppy. It was a lifesaver! And some of your own pillows because the ones at the hospital are not great.
    I brought Jackson's baby book, to write down people who came to the hospital and the nurse also stamped his footprints in the book that night.