Friday, November 6, 2009

{new loves}

my love for the beatles' music has been REVIVED i tell you! last night we went to the waco symphony and heard the beatles' classical mystery GREAT! the guys looked and sounded like the beatles and played so many of their wonderful songs. but which of their songs aren't wonderful? (okay so 'i am the walrus' is not one of my faves, but the majority of them are awesome) sadie bella liked the beatles too...she was totally dancing in my tummy last night ;) one of the best parts was at the finale, when the flute section got up and danced and the 1st chair violin guy swung his violin round and round in the air!
and i have to thank you all for your excellent suggestions on what to bring to the hospital! tennis balls, soothing music, a boppy, pillows, a binky for sadie, and velour track suits will all go in my bag...speaking of velour track suits, they have them on sale at old navy right now for $15 a piece. so i got myself this deep purple one and also a dark turquoise. so cozy!

and have you heard of stella & dot jewelry? my friend, braely, sells it and i am in love with so much of their stuff! this is the mom necklace which is so precious in person (lyndsay was wearing it on wednesday)and the dove necklace is so sweet and dainty
the penelope necklace is one of my faves too!

monday, i'll be posting about our busy weekend (housewarming, anniversary dinner, and fall picnic) happy weekend!


  1. Hooray for the velor sweats! I hope that you love them as much as I did (in the hospital and the weeks following).

    And the Beatles sound like so much fun! Sadie will always love them! I went to a Dave Matthews concert while Laney was in my tummy. She's a DMB lover and just sings along...and she's only 4! (I know DMB obviously does NOT compare to the beatles)! :)

  2. What a fun time at the Beatles/symphony! I know Sadie will be another Beene/Schmidt music lover!