Monday, November 23, 2009

hello monday!

hi hi! how was everyone's weekend? we had a pretty low key weekend. saturday and sunday nights we watched movies. and we visited another congregation yesterday because mike gave the sunday's called 'gaining comfort in all your tribulations' and though i've probably heard it 30 times (not kidding), i still love it!

my scrapbook room was looking like a mess, so i organized it yesterday. and this little shelf was just holding a bunch of junk, so i organized it and put some fun stuff out on display!
and we found a distressed bookshelf at spice for sadie's room, so i filled it with books and pictures and some other cute things...but i really want it more distressed/stained/painted. i thought i could tea stain it like the kitchen cabinets in our last house, and mike said we could take the back off and paint it green or something. any ideas?
and we finally found sadie's hospital picture/going home outfit. it's a precious little ralph lauren gown...i just loved it! so tiny!

this morning, our girls' breakfast at olive branch turned into a mom/daughter breakfast, which was really fun! we laughed so hard and our moms shared their delivery stories with us. then our moms were trying to take pictures of jen and i but could not figure out how to use our cameras, so we got a little loud and rowdy in the restaurant! hehe! i bet they were glad to see us leave ;)
i got the american breakfast...wheat toast, eggs, sausage, bacon, and breakfast potatoes, and i ate it all!! (so much for only gaining 19 pounds so far, right?!)

it was a fun morning, and it's a beautiful day here. hope you're having a great monday!


  1. what a fun breakfast--i can only imagine how loud you guys were! i LOVE sadie's going home outfit. i can't wait to see her in it!!! is the shelf white? i can't really tell. it's very cute and i love all the things you put on it!

  2. The little shelf is very cute. Are those your baby pix above it? Super idea!

  3. i'm so proud of you two! you everything fixed up so cute for our sadie bella! sweetest little gown...

    thanks for the fun breakfast invite! just like old times (hope we didn't embarrass you too much)

  4. hi girlies...the shelf is white, but it's super distressed on the edges with brown showing through, those are our baby pics above shelf (saw that idea in ali edwards' nursery and loved it), and mom, i thought you and linda were hilarious at breakfast! thanks for the laughs!
    thanks for the comments :)

  5. Yes, breakfast was a lot of fun. I laughed so hard my sides hurt. The gown is really cute and I like the shelf too. Now just to wait for the little baby and it'll be finished.

  6. Danielle, I love the pics of Sadie's room, you did such a great job. I also love the outfit you picked out for her pictures it is precious. I just wanted to give you a heads up about the outfit, just a little something learned by they wear a gown it is a little harder to buckle the carseat, and keep their little legs covered so you may want a back up outfit for the car ride home. Some things you just dont think about until it happens, just thought I would can take it or leave! Once again love her room it is precious!