Tuesday, June 7, 2011

what we've been up to...

hi!! i've been a little busy and haven't posted lately, so here it goes...(in list form ;)

  • reading dora books all.the.time-i'm so glad sadie loves to read and you know dora is pretty entertaining i have to say! thanks braely for all the books!
  • visiting her great grandmother's house and playing with the cutest miniature chairs and blocks i'm sure i played with when i was little
  • running again! i made it two miles this night as you can see from my clever little pic.
  • having too much fun with this little girl!! pool time, sprinkler time, eating lots of fruit, trips to target, watering the plants, wearing new summer pjs...i love it all!
  • joining facebook...i finally succumbed to the pressure...i know i'm the last person on earth to do this, but i went for it this week! it's a little addictive, huh?
  • my niece is coming to stay with us for a few days and my sis gets here friday. lots of fun things planned!
  • and i'm having a silpada party friday night! have you ever been to one or bought their jewelry? it's scrumptious!
night night!


  1. love the picture of you reading...great job on the running...you're not the last person to join facebook--that would be me...can't wait to have fun this weekend!!!

  2. Hi Danielle.
    Cute pic of you and Sadie reading. We read Dora tonight before bed here too. :)
    You weren't the last one to join fb, I still haven't! I sometimes think I want to, and then I know I don't want to get sucked in and waste too much time on it and why do I even need to, and so then I don't. So for now, not for me. ;)

  3. Hey there. You are not the last person to join fb, I am and that's fine by me. I'm old-fashioned, I prefer calls! Silpada is wonderful!! My sister, Luci, has had several parties and I've purchased several beautiful pieces and she has sent me several pieces. You'll love it!! By the way, Sadie is a doll! Enjoy!

  4. Isn't reading time so special? Emily still loves to be read to ( not Dora)! ;). Great job on running girlie! My mom sold silpada and I love all of my goodies! Have a great party!