Monday, June 27, 2011

summer schedule and museum

hi! are you having a great summer so far? we are! i was inspired by this post at sunny side up and thought i would share our summer schedule with you...i love to see how people spend their days, so i thought you might want to see how we spend ours (if not-just scroll down to the pics at the end ;)

7-8 am wake up, let sadie play in her crib while i get dressed, do Bible reading, and make breakfast

8:30-9:30 breakfast and cartoons-usually dora, diego, or max & ruby

10- lunch run errands/out of the house activites
monday-buy groceries
tuesday-volunteer ministry
wednesday-story time at the library
thursdays are my day off and sadie's day to stay with nana!

1-2:30 sadie's naptime, which is my time to straighten up the house, watch tv, read, or waste time on the internet...sadly the last option is the most frequent!

2:30-3:30 playtime, reading time, or outdoor time if it's not blazing hot

3:30-4:30 sadie's snack and cartoons...this is my happy hour-not where i sip on a half price margarita although that sounds pretty good-but i can do my daily cleaning chores, get laundry done, have a snack myself, and prepare for dinner...
sadie sits in her play yard + i'm not chasing a toddler around=happy mama

4:30-5:30 cook dinner while sadie plays in the kitchen

5:30-7 eat dinner, then sadie and daddy go outside for their special time each day. they water the plants, pick veggies from the garden, and she usually comes in soaking wet from running through the sprinkler

7-8 bathtime, sadie drinks her milk and is in bed by 8

8-whenever workout or run, shower, personal Bible study, watch tv or talk to mike and sleep!

i thrive on a schedule!! when sadie was tiny i kept asking my sister "when will i have a schedule again?" it was so hard for me because i'm such a planner...but now sadie and i have a great schedule worked out that makes us both happy. and of course, some days or weeks the day doesn't go exactly that way or she sleeps late or wakes up earlier and everything adjusts, but at least i have a plan! are you that way? or do you like to "go with the flow" in the summer?

now on to museum pics...we went the mayborn museum on the baylor campus on friday and had a lot of fun! they have a lost egypt exhibit right now which was really cool (i love anything about egypt or egyptian history). sadie liked sitting on the fake camel the best! then we went to the regular part of the museum that has interactive toys and games...

my hair is dark again...what do you think?
loved her expression here
driving the school bus
happy monday!


  1. Yep, I'm a schedule gal too! But, wow...I would love a few more hours in the day. Seems like we are always busy, busy, busy! And the museum looks fun. We can't wait to go this summer/fall!

  2. Love the hair :) I'm the same way, I need a schedule too... that will be over for me soon ahah! Glad to see it comes back.

  3. I am such a schedule girl too! I need consitancy to stay sane. :)
    Your sched sounds a lot like ours.
    Cute hair, I like it brown and blonde! You can pull either one off great.

  4. Hi there, found your blog via Genn's. And I just read Erin's daily schedule as well.

    I love a schedule too. Can't seem to survive without one. It makes the days easier, since I have three high-energy munchkins.

    Cute hair. (Genn actually does mine, but the girl is always booked.)

    Have a great day.