Wednesday, June 15, 2011

another week flies by!

i really haven't posted anything in a week?! we've had a busy and fun week with susanne and mckinlee visiting! they went home yesterday and i think sadie is missing them...she says "zizi, mimi" a lot and tonight before bed she was saying "zizi coot (cute) mimi coot"

i love this picture of susanne and sadie. so pretty!
in between trips to the pool, family dinners, and shopping, i had a silpada party friday night...silpada is gorgeous silver jewelry in case you haven't heard of it before...danna is a silpada rep so she brought a bunch of great stuff for us to look at! i ended getting some great jewelry free-can't wait to get it and wear it :)
danna and jennifer
susanne, me, and mckinlee
sadie belle was eating breakfast and watching her shows when i asked her to say hi to the she is waving and smiling!
and before the girls went home yesterday
tomorrow i've got to get my teeth cleaned and have a ton of errands to run while mom watches sadie for me. have a good night!


  1. Luv silpada! And you inspired me... Cut a few inches off my hair. Add in the Brazilian blowout deep hair has more bounce and is so healthy! Yippee!

  2. we had so much fun and i am loving my new silpada!