Wednesday, December 16, 2009

in need of some comfort (food)

i'm really needing these things today and so far all i've gotten are the choc. chip cookies (which i had to make myself)
i've had a bad day.
do you want to know why?
  • my grandaddy (with bone cancer) broke his hip on monday night, and had to have hip surgery last night at 91 years old. the doctors said if he didn't have the surgery, he would be bedfast in horrible pain. he made it through and is stable, but still not out of the woods.
  • my mamajeanne (grandaddy's wife) is horribly sick with bronchitis/pneumonia and was just taken to the ER because she cannot breathe. and she's not able to be with grandaddy because she's so sick.
  • i cannot go see either of them for fear of getting sick myself
  • i have had low nerve pain all day long that goes from my front to my back and down my leg. i'm not sure if sadie's pushing on a nerve or what, but i cannot get comfortable.
  • this morning, i was eating my granola and yogurt and felt something extremely crunchy in my mouth (not granola). it was part of my back tooth breaking off, and i swallowed it before i realized what it was.
  • it has been grey and cold all day, and i'm still in my pajamas, and have not gone anywhere which makes me even more tired than if i had been busy all day.

i hope you're having a much better day than me. hopefully i will have a better attitude tommorrow. and don't worry, i'm still counting all my blessings, they're just a little harder to focus on today.


  1. so sorry it's been one of those days for you :( hope tomorrow is better.

  2. I know you are feeling low right now, but it will pass. It's so hard when you can't be with those you love when they are in need. They know you would if you could!!! Keep are about to make all of us very happy!!!

  3. Oh, honey! First of all you made me hungry! Then you made me sad! Your poor poor Grandparents! My thoughts are with you all! Off to eat a HUGE bowl of peppermint ice cream. I'll eat a big bite for you! ;) BTW...chandelier is up and slipcovered chairs arrived today! I'm in love, and I have you to thank for some of your design inspriation! And as Scarlett O'Hara said, "Tomorrow is another day." Seriously, my best to you!

  4. I hope today has been a better day for you!