Friday, May 13, 2011

random friday

happy happy friday! it's been a good day so far, except for the headache i have...i met jennifer for lunch at cafe cappucino AND sadie's little cold is getting better today. so i think that's a sign of a good weekend to come. tommorrow night we have susanne and chris' anniversary party, so that will be fun. can't wait for them to see their gift. i love it so much i would like one too ;) i'll show pics next week!

for now-a few pictures from our week...

there was a special delivery for me yesterday from my friend, vera. bradley, that is.
miss s is so into the potty room right now. she looooves playing with the toilet paper and she'll tap on the toilet seat and say "potty." this morning, she went into our bathroom and said "potty" so i put her on it to let her try. she held onto me for dear life like i was going to drop her in! and then i took her off pretty quickly. but at least she gets the idea.
yesterday morning there was the sweetest little bird (dove?) on our patio table. i took the pic from inside but loved the way it turned out.
and wednesday we had a horrible rainstorm. the sky was such an intense color!
and lately sadie loves walking her stroller around the house. except she usually turns it upside down and pushes it by the wheels. all kinds of things get strolled around like dolls, books, and cheddar goldfish!
have a great weekend!


  1. well i can't wait to see my gift either! what did vera send you? looks like a duffle and a tote? can't tell for sure, but LOVE the prints! can't wait to see you guys tomorrow!