Thursday, May 26, 2011

why am i always the one to have hair issues?

okay, first things first...the cutie pie...on her "ho"! that's what she calls her rocking horse! ha! or if she wants to ride a pony on my legs, she'll say "mama-ho!" it cracks me up every time.and tonight she sat in the laundry basket forever while i cooked dinner. eating her goldfish and playing with her disney princess dolls. then after dinner, she wanted to get back in with the poms poms from the baby shower last weekend. simple joys, right?!
now...on to my hair. why did i decide to cut 6 inches off my hair again? because i love having drama in my life? sometimes i think so. last thursday, i got my hair cut and hilighted/lowlighted. i wanted an angled bob but not too short. so my hair guy didn't cut enough off and it just looked weird. which was sort of my fault, because i told him to keep it long(ish), but still he's the professional right? so then back to the salon i went friday for him to fix it.

now i don't know if he was just in a hurry or wanted to move on to a paying customer (since i certainly was not going to pay him again 2 days in a row), or if he truly thought he cut it correctly, but it looked choppy in the back and one side longer than the other. ugh!

i've been living with it for a week, but thankfully got in to see my mom's hairdresser this morning! i told him it was a hair emergency. dramatic? maybe.

he fixed it all up and it looks SOOO much better...but why does this always happen to me? i have had more hair drama in my 29, almost 30, years of life than i care to recount.

so excuse the tired face that needs some fresh make up applied...but what do you think?


  1. I think it is super cute! As always! :)

  2. I love it Danielle!! I think it loos great. Very fresh for summer.

  3. love sadie in the laundry basket--too funny! and i love your hair! (you do have more hair drama than anyone i know! heehee!!)

  4. soooo cute! My long hair just looks drab! Love the shorter style! And loving Miss S.'s "ho"!!!!!! Have a great weekend!