Monday, August 23, 2010

fun with the grandparents

this weekend was so busy! it seems like i've been saying that a lot lately :)
we went to our district convention on friday where mike had a talk about hezekiah-he did such a great job! it was about how hezekiah promoted true worship even though he had a terrible father who didn't serve God. then he had an interview of a guy who lost his mother to cancer and his father stopped worshipping God within a few months of each other and just how he stayed focused and positive through it all. so faith strengthening!
here are mom and les before the program started family shot

mike's parents came to here him speak and stayed with us over the weekend

on saturday, i was craving mexcian food, so we went to el conquistador to eat. yum!
sadie's smile is so cute in this pic!

here she is with daddy, nama, and grandpa
after lunch we went to toys r us, where nama and grandpa got her a bunch of cute clothes and her first cell phone! and she got her first pair of pink converse high tops-can't wait for her to wear them this fall.
here she is with her new phone-she adores it!

i don't know if she was just wound up from the excitement or her gums were hurting her, but she was up saturday night from 11 to 2 am...we were soooo tired sunday morning and so was she. thankfully she slept well last night so we were able to go to a girl's breakfast this morning. pics of that tommorrow!
happy monday and happy first day of school!

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  1. looks like you all had a good time. i say this every time i see a picture of her...she looks so big! and her first cell phone--we won't tell mckinlee. ha!