Thursday, February 25, 2010

menu for the week and more product love

this is my inspiration picture to get myself back in shape. i did not realize how big my stomach would still be 6 weeks after having sadie. i still look pregnant and it's bothering me. so i've decided to do a new mommy workout at home until i find time to go to the gym. (interestingly, i was 4 weeks pregnant in this pic and didn't know it ;)

enough of that, now let's talk about food {wink} i realized i hadn't posted a weekly menu in a LONG time, but that doesn't mean that i'm not cooking! so i have to admit, my cooking style has changed quite a bit after having a baby. there's just not time to spend on finding new gourmet recipes, getting cool ingredients, and spending 2 hours on a dinner. i feel this pressure to cook well (maybe i just put it on myself) but i decided to start cooking 3-4 meals a week that way i know i don't have to cook every night, but i can spend a little extra time cooking on the nights i do cook. then 1 night a week, mike will cook...he's actually a great cook, he just doesn't do it very often.

okay, long explanation for a short menu, but here it is:

chicken, artichoke and tomato penne
green chili chicken & corn enchiladas
hamburger helper, roasted broccoli (easy night)
fajitas, beans, and guac
pancakes w/strawberries, herb scrambled eggs, bacon

i got some of the recipes on this fantastic food blog and she's a new mom too!


i recently did a post on beauty products that i love, but here are a few more...

  • origins sunny disposition liquid bronzer

  • maybelline expert eye shadow in mocha motion

  • maybelline define a line eyeliner in soft black

  • maybelline great lash mascara in very black-i have tried tons of mascara, expensive and cheap, and this is by far my FAVORITE

  • and a new product i found today, almay pure blends lip gloss in petal

happy thursday everyone! i'm off to do sit ups!


  1. Good for you! You will be back in shape quickly if you keep up your your you know one reason (what's the other?) why I did such simple meals.

  2. i love that picture of you and mike. you will look like that soon!
    great menu--i haven't wanted to cook either. have to get back into it next week!
    will also try that almay gloss :)