Thursday, February 11, 2010

my favorite products

i've been given the sunshine award by this sweet blogger maria! thank you! someday i will list a few of my favorite blogs, but i don't have the time or energy today ;)

awhile ago, i was asked to share some of the beauty products i use...let me just confess that i am a product junkie! i LOVE buying hair products, products for face, and products for nails. i love it all!

but here are some of my favs!

origins youthtopia eye cream-moisturizes and helps with circles modern friction-microdermabrasion at home. leaves my skin feeling super soft

plantidote cleanser-the best cleanser ever

lancome juicy tubes-LOVE THESE! the right amount of color and shine

loreal color vive shampoo-works just as good as expensive salon shampoos and smells good!

those are just a few...are there any more specific products you want me to share with you? if so, just leave a comment and i'll do an answer post!


  1. that's so funny you posted this because i was just thinking the next time i see you i needed to get the specific names for all the origins products you use! i have been reading tons of reviews for origins and it sounds like people love their products. maybe it will help my oily skin!

  2. Thanks for posting these! Are there any other makeup products that you use and love?

  3. I also love the Loreal Color Vive! I have been using it for years. I recently switched to another brand for about a week or so and went right back to my faithful Loreal.

  4. Love reading what products others love. I, also am a product junkie. I love that you use Loreal shampoo/conditioner. For years, I only used high end hair products because no others worked with my hair (thick, coarse, wavy), but I found a Loreal line that I love last year and still love it (EverPure) and I save mega bucks to spend on other products now! I'd love to know what blush or bronzer you use and foundation. Your skin always looks glowing. And if you have nothing better to do as a new mom...totally sarcasm there!, I'd love to know your hair tricks. You always look so put together with your hair curled and I am doing good to get make-up on in my Gap lounge wear! Share your tricks!