Sunday, February 14, 2010

just a spoonful of sugar...

what a sweetie pie!
doesn't my sweet mom resemble mary poppins in this pic?? i took this the other morning after she had come to watch sadie at 5am so i could sleep a little. it was freezing cold and raining so she wore her raincoat over her pajamas! i immediately thought of mary poppins and so did susanne when she looked at the picture. too cute!

this is on friday when susanne and mckinlee came to stay for the weekend. we made hamburgers and they got to spend some time with sadie.

mckinlee has been such a big help this weekend! she loves to hold sadie and get her to sleep. here she is feeding her!

it has been super cold here this weekend but at least the sun has been shining...

tommorrow i'll have pictures of sadie's first meeting on sunday!


  1. Your Mom is the best!! She does remind me of Mary Poppins but in a brighter, prettier version! I'm glad sis and McKinlee got to visit with all the snow that the Dallas area got on Thursday-Friday. How nice to have family close by. I can't wait to see pics of Sadie's first meeting--how wonderful!!

  2. You are so, so blessed to have such a helpful mama! Looks like all the girls had a great time visiting! Yippee for family!

  3. That first picture of Sadie is so adorable!!! Glad you all got to spend some time together. McKinlee just cannot stop smiling! What a sweet cousin!