Wednesday, February 3, 2010

celebrity sighting

so i'm at HEB this afternoon and go to the checkout lane where i see two women checking out ahead of me. i'm not paying attention at all because i'm trying to get my groceries on the conveyor belt, my mini banana nut muffins have fallen on the ground, and i'm on the phone with mom who's watching sadie for me. but after i get all my stuff out of my basket and am waiting my turn, the dark headed woman turns around and looks at me (almost like 'don't you know who i am?') i'm still oblivious but i look at her and see that she's wearing these huge diamond earrings, then i look at her ring and it's the BIGGEST DIAMOND i have ever seen in person in my life. i'm thinking, even the super rich people in waco don't have diamonds that big!
so she's talking to the cashier and then it hits me...
it's jessica simpson's mom!!!
which totally makes sense because her parents, jessica's grandparents, live in our neighborhood. so i guess she was here visiting her parents and needed to buy a few groceries. how cool is that?
changing subjects...susanne (my sister) and i have completely done role reversals in the last couple of weeks. she is committed to being super organized and planning each part of her day now, and i have no schedule at all and barely know what day it is. she is making lists and following them, and today at the grocery store, i had no menu planned and was randomly throwing things into my cart. (like a jumbo box of jimmy dean breakfast sandwiches, when 20 days ago, i wouldn't have dreamed of eating a frozen breakfast out of a box. ha!)
and she was telling me what cute skinny jeans, leggings, and cowboy boots she just bought, while i'm wearing yoga pants and a t-shirt! we had a good laugh about that! i guess motherhood really changes you!


  1. Only you! What fun I'm having watching my baby with a baby!!! You are doing great believe me. You and Susanne have definitely switched roles...don't worry-it will come back!

  2. What are the chances? How fun! We don't get too many celebs here in Indiana! Bummer!

    And switching roles is great! You just had a baby and look amazing!

  3. it's challenging for both of us! but we're both doing pretty good and you know, yoga pants are still my most favorite thing to wear! jimmy dean breakfast sandwiches?? that cracked me up!!! :)

  4. VERY VERY COOL! I love Jessica Simpson =)