Saturday, February 6, 2010

shopping and a movie

sadie says hi! today was a gorgeous day here...sunny and not too cold!
last night i went to the mall and bought a few things that actually fit me. i can't really fit into my regular jeans yet and do not want to wear maternity stuff anymore, so i bought some cute skinny jeans and skinny cords at jcpenneys for $8!

then i went to forever21 and found some adorable stuff on sale. this cute sweater was $7.50

this tank with a bow on it was $10

and this sweater was $10!

today, my mom came over to babysit sadie while mike and i went to see 'when in rome'. it was such a good movie and hilarious too!

here we are before the movie...

and here is my sweet baby girl asleep on my chest. she's such a doll!


  1. Your little baby is absolutely precious...and I love Forever 21! Looks like you found some awesome stuff :)

    Found you on Nashville Nest and thought I would say hello :)

    Come visit One Fine Wire!

  2. what cute things you got--love them! sadie's eyes are getting so big and round~how beautiful!!

  3. I LOVE the last pix! So presh! And you are buying "skinny" pants? Oh, you lucky, lucky girl! I'm so jealous! Amazing buys! What fun to have a little "date"!

  4. you looked so cute in your "anthro 21" outfit!
    precious mom & baby...
    be prepared, I may start blogging again!

  5. Hi Danielle! Sounds like you had a great time on your date night! Sadie is so beautiful! I love the last picture. I miss the days when I could hold my "baby" like that! That's a wonderful feeling!