Thursday, December 9, 2010


(sadie and i at our bible assembly last weekend)
so i've not been feeling very bloggy lately. don't know why.
-we've been super busy the last few weeks and it seems like they continue to fly by!
last weekend, we had our annual bible assembly in north texas and the information was fantastic. the part where we stayed up for 4 hours saturday night because sadie is not used to sleeping anywhere but her bed...not so great.
-this week i've been working a lot and each day seems busier than the day before.
-i've decided to get someone to help clean my house again. i feel like i need to justify it to myself, but i'm working, taking care of sadie full time, cooking every night, and keeping the house straight. is it wrong to want someone to come in and mop the floors and clean my baseboards? i don't think so. plus i'm going to give up some other "frivolous" expenses so i can afford a house cleaner. your thoughts?
-speaking of "frivolous" expenses...have you been to the loft lately? i went today and got some major deals. everything was an additional 40% off regular and sale items. woohoo!
-i was having a bang crisis, so before i got out the scissors, i called my mom and told her i was in the midst of a crisis. she said, "don't get out the scissors! i'll do it for you." ha!! so now i've got shorter bangs and i like them.
-after a listing appointment tonight, i went to the grocery store and bought makeup. i just love going and finding fun make up for like $4 or $5 a piece. i got some new eyeshadow and a new lipstick. of course, origins still has my heart for skin products and foundation...but you gotta love some cheap lipstick sometimes, right?!
happy (almost) friday!


  1. We think alike! I'm wanting my house cleaned right now...guess Les will be my assistant housekeeper. Like your bangs and the new lipstick shade! Color is good!

  2. Girl, you deserve someone to clean your house. I have someone clean my house every two weeks and it makes me so happy.

  3. You should definitely get someone to clean your house! Being mommy and cooking meals at home are very important, so don't feel one ounce of guilt about that!

  4. Oh for sure you deserve to have some house cleaning help Danielle...especially at Christmas time with all the extra stuff going on.

    You are a busy gal with being a Realtor, owning a business, having a toddler, and being a wife and cook. Go for it girl!

    Have a good weekend.

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  5. i think that's a wonderful, what "frivolous spending" are you going to give up? :)
    funny story about your bangs--no one should ever cut their own hair when they're having a bang crisis (even though i do it all the time--i'm always sorry later!!)

  6. Go for it! Don't feel bad about it ;) I've never had anyone clean my house, but it sounds fabulous! Enjoy!

    Yes, we all should own some cheap lipstick! Actually, there are some cheap brands that I prefer over the expensive ones. I know, SHOCK!

    The are funny! I have to remind myself to stay clear of the scissors too. I ended up taking them out of the bathroom even!