Wednesday, December 29, 2010


it has been one of those days. it started out not so great with me feeling bad and seemed never ending. by 5:15pm when mike got home, my body felt on the verge of collapse and my eyes filled with tears (just for a second or two) because i was so tired/hormonal and ready for a break. so while i finished cooking dinner for us, he fed sadie. after i gave her her bath, they played so i could sit and read blogs and do nothing. then he put her to bed so i could get in the bathtub. i just so appreciate having a husband who wants to and will volunteer to take care of sadie so i can get some alone time. i love my sweet sadie with all my heart, but at times, a mama needs a break.
so here is my little table beside my bathtub. i lit my volcano aloha candle from anthropologie and mike brought me in a glass of wine to drink while i soaked. the perfect smell of my candle and hot water really relaxed me and was just what i needed. here i am after my bath in my silky pjs, ready to get in bed with my wine and some hershey's chocolate and a good book.

good night!


  1. Sounds glad you got some time to relax! I love that candle too :)

  2. oh, now all I want to do is take a bubble bath with a good book and some wine. Tonight seems like the perfect night to do just that. Thanks for inspiring me to relax.
    and your jammies are super cute.

  3. See, this is why I need a bathtub:) Sounds wonderful!

  4. PS--I'm new to your blog, but found you on What I Wore Wednesday!

  5. I love that I have a nice big bathtub, for this reason!! I retreat to a bath with my book and wine many nights when my husband relieves me from my mom duties. Sometimes you just need to shut your door and be alone for a bit. Hope you are feeling better Danielle!

    Cute pic of your pj's!

    Happy New Year!!

  6. How relaxing! Very nice of your husband!!! You deserve it too!