Monday, November 8, 2010

lost pines

first, a cute pic of sadie in her zebra outfit!! so last friday, mike and i left for bastrop, texas to stay at the hyatt lost pines.
here's our family pic right before we left.

after a short drive (like an hour and a half),we were there!! my kind of trip-no airports or looooong car rides!
here's the entrance to the resort. you drive down this winding 3 mile road and end up in the most beautiful setting ever.

our room
everything was very woodsy and vintage-y, and of course i loved it

view from our room onto a courtyard

view in the other direction...that's a restaurant that looks like a huge log cabin

next to the lobby, there was this "general store" with vintage table and chairs

and candy bins
(along with some starbucks coffee and plenty of snacks)

every day they had fun activites to do...the afternoon we got there, it was sitting on a longhorn. so of course, i had to sit on the one that matched my outfit. the cow and i were doing just fine until mike stood alongside to get a picture. the cow did not like him standing there and started to hit us with his horns. i freaked a little.

the grounds were just beautiful. and they had stuff for kids everywhere, like playgrounds, bikes to rent, horse drawn carriage rides. we're coming back next summer and bringing sadie!

here we are at dinner one night. it was the tex-mex buffet and it was wonderful!
i ate too much...can you tell how puffy i look?!

they had two gardens, one for wildflowers and plants and one for butterflies. just beautiful!

and i loved the simple display of pumpkins by a huge tree

it was a perfect, relaxing weekend. we got great massages, worked out, took long walks, and slept!
but we were both sooooo glad to come back home and see our little girl. she showered us in kisses when we got home!


  1. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! What a fantastic place to recharge the soul! And that longhorn....I thought it was fake until I read about the dear getting a bit upset! Yikes!

  2. so glad you both had a good time--you needed it! the resort looks like such a peaceful, relaxing place to visit. that picture of you on the longhorn cracks me up--mike's face is hysterical!