Saturday, October 30, 2010

makes me giddy

i'm wasting time...right now and for the last 59 minutes or so. just reading blogs, checking email, and listening to baylor beat ut on tv. woohoo! i just asked mike, who's laying on the bed next to me, "do you always feel like you have to be doing something?" he said "yes" then we both continued to sit/lay here and do nothing. we need a break and tonight is the night to do nothing.

i feel nauseous right now and my stomach is hurting so that could be adding to my doing nothing. it could be the plate full of italian food and desserts i ate at mom and les' house tonight. yum!

so on to some recent purchases that are making me giddy. mac eyeshadow. in shadowy lady and i can't remember the beige one's name. except-i know there's this whole mac eyeshadow hype-like's it the best shadow ever, but i'm having some problems with it not wanting to blend. anyone else had that problem? like shadowy lady just kind of stops in the middle of my lid all dark and smudgy and weird looking. so maybe i'm not feeling the giddy-ness about mac eyeshadow. we will see what develops.
now the perfectly-manicured and always-showing-too-much-cleavage giada. giada, i love you, but pull the shirts up girlfriend. we got gift cards to target (yea!) for our anniversary, so among my purchases was giada's newest cookbook, giada at home. can't wait to start trying out the recipes. on my menu for this week...her veggie parmesan. i'll let you know how it turns out.

now i'm going to make myself take a bath and get my comfies on and plug in my heating pad (always makes my stomach feel better. all in my head? i think not.)
and now mike's gone from doing nothing to snoring softly.


  1. I love that your families give you gifts on your anniversary each year. That is awesome!!! I think I'm going to drop a hint to my parental unit since our 10 year is coming up in May :)))
    *I'll let ya know if it works..he he

  2. I've never tried Mac eyeshadows-will have to check them out. But I can't stand an eyeshadow that won't blend so you'll have to let me know how that works out! I know what u mean about giada. Maybe she will wear some scarves this winter! Ha! Post the recipes as u make them. I always need new ideas.